January 13th, 2003


Oh what a beautiful mooooorning!

Yes, yes, it's too early Monday morning to be singing. Despite waking up exhausted (as I always do), and despite having a dream about not just a dead dog of mine but my dead grandmother as well, I'm feeling mighty good. Having had breakfast (even if it's only from McDonalds) helped a lot. Work is good in that I tend to have meals, it sort of forces me to (lunch and dinner at least). On weekends I just forget or never get around to it.

The car is making a noise. I hate it when it makes noises. When I brake, there's a metal-on-metal sound. I'm no expert, but that doesn't seem like such a good thing. However, I seem to recall last time it was wet out when I woke up that this happened, so maybe it'll go away this afternoon. If not I'll have to give in and find someplace to take it.

Oddly, I still haven't fully shaken off the cold/whatever I had from Christmas to New Years. I woke up this morning with both ears ringing, and one finally popped but the other isn't. Ow ow. When I blow my nose, it goes back into my ear or something (I hear a noise and feel a little pain). Not fun, but I just took some sinus clearing stuff, so hopefully it'll go away.

I'm now going to read the log of last night's ONS and hope that I didn't leave some glaring mistake in the log or something...
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Bah, yay, bah

Bah: Maybe I'm still sick. Darned ear has been ringing all day and hurts a little and feels hot. Stupid thing is probably infected. I hate going to the doctor, but I hate being on antibiotics more. Darned things always make me sick. If I'm not feeling better tomorrow, I'm gonna email HR and find out what the heck I have to do to see a doctor. I know I have insurance, but I've never needed it and pay it no attention. No clue what company it's with or if I was supposed to pick a doctor or something.

Yay: Good RP tonight. Got stuff done. Progress made. Long, but fun. Would have been better if I wasn't distracted, my attention was pulled a bunch of different ways. Think it came out okay though, even if I left out a little bit of info I meant to pass along.

Bah: I was sad about Oz ending, but damn... maybe it should have ended last season. The storylines are just insane. Totally unrealistic. Stupid. It's sad because it was a great show. Now it's... bah.

Car update: The noise is mostly but not totally gone. I need to take it in and get it seen... sometime. I think TripleM has it right, it's likely brakepads or something. Bah. It's not a money issue, it's a darned time issue. I don't want to sit in the shop for hours while they work on it. I need to check the yellow pages or something and find a shop...
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