February 2nd, 2003



Decisiones is 'decisions' in Spanish, or so the Babel Fish translator on AltaVista tells me.

So I wanted to learn Spanish, right? Why? I have no really good reasons. I don't know one personally who speaks it as either a primary or secondary language. I'd have no use for it outside class, I'd have no one to practice it with. I just think it'd be "cool" to know it. I'd have a chance of knowing what people on the street are saying. I'd understand more of the lyrics in rap songs. Not really good reasons.

One of those "adult education" booklets came yesterday, so of course I checked for language classes. One two-hour class a week, for ten weeks. $80.

I wonder how long it would take to learn a language. This adult education place has three classes: Intro, Beginning, and Level One. Level One is the highest, and only in it do you start with sentence structure and tenses and all that. Seems like you'd need a lot more than that to even near being fluent.

The other big question is me. Could I give up one weeknight a week? That's the sticking point, I think. I think I probably couldn't. I don't think the payoff would come as fast (or as easy) as I wanted, and I'd start making excuses not to go to class.


Thinking more about it now, about how it's Sunday night and I'm already clutching every free moment away from work that I have, I suppose I should skip this.

On the other hand, could it be fun? Trying something new, something that I'm nearly certain to suck at, in front of a group of people wouldn't seem to be something that would be fun. But... Heck. I bet they sell language lessons on video tapes or something. But then you don't get feedback on accents and stuff.

Man, I'm thinking way too much about this. I really just suck at making certain types of decisions. Some things (like major life-changing things) I can decide on fast and with certainty. Other things (silly little things like this) I ponder and worry over for days.

I wish I could end this entry with a decision, but I don't have one. Likely it'll be that I skip it, but maybe I'll get brave and bold and go. But maybe it would be silly and a waste to go. But... but... but...
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