February 7th, 2003


Sick Days

Warning! Warning! Complaining ahead!

Sign I've been working at this job too long:

I'm actually surprised/amazed when I read or hear that someone's taking a sick day off. It makes me sort of blink at the screen a few times as a question runs through my mind 'Sick days? People can still take those?' Then 'Oh yeah. They don't work HERE.'.

I've been working at this job for two years now. Two years. Total sick days taken: One.

That really sucks.
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A day for job bitching

Really. It is.

I'm so sick of everything. I arrived at work at 7:45 this morning (15 minutes early). No one else arrived until 9 or later. Now it's 4:50 and everyone is leaving... but *I* have to stay here another fucking hour.


I'm sick, sick, sick of this. Why is it that *I* have to work a 9 hour day and no one else does? And yes, I take a lunch break (*gasp!*), but everyone else has no limit on breaks and so takes a much longer one. Growl, growl, growl.

I need to quit. Really, I do.
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