February 10th, 2003


Hello, sunshine!

Contained within: Sunshine/sleeping, mother visits, Mallen/fryer, KirbyK/giggling, MUSH GMing, Kingdom Hearts & FFX, and AC.

I have a nice little window in my bathroom, and while it's "cloudy" glass (so that passing children don't go blind on the off chance they glance at the window while I'm showering), colors and light make it through it. Lately the sky is no longer black when I shower, it's now that pretty deep blue color. Soon it's going to be sunny when I shower, which might help me wake up, I guess.

The problem will come when it's sunny when I need to sleep. Anyone who has read my journal much knows that I really, really, really suck at sleeping. This seems an odd thing, as sleeping should be, well, easy... but I'm bad at it. Any little noise, any light at all, and I'm awake. I got a sleeping mask last year which helped some, but the feeling of it on my face was almost enough to counter the darkness it brought.

I need heavy curtains. I need curtains so heavy they'd block out the radiation if there was a nuclear war.

For some unknown reason (perhaps pity? :P ), my mother loves to clean and fix things up in my apartment when she comes to see me. She's coming in almost exactly a month (EEK EEK EEK, MUST CLEAN! AIE! ORGANIZE! NO DUST! ARG!). Maybe we'll go get some and she'll help me put the, um, bars/racks/slidey things/whatever you need to keep curtains magically up and over your windows.

Yo, Mallen! As part of my cleaning efforts, I'm going to toss out the fryer. If you want it, we need to meet somewhere so I can pass it off to you. Or just hop across the street when you're at G&C's house. Let me know before you stop by though? That way I can be, you know, dressed and all that.

In other news:

GMing on Friday night went well. The players had a hoot and a half (or so they claim), so that's good. This weekend I'm GMing again, and it should be another fun/funny one. Next weekend I'm GMing a more serious thing. Boy, I love GMing. It's like the next step up from RPing. (What do you do when you need more of a challenge than RPing? GM!)

Boy, I'm chatty this morning. I have a crapload of work to do at work, but I've been delayed almost an hour now because the boss hasn't come in and so hasn't answered the question I emailed her. Bah.

KirbyK (Assuming you/anyone is even still reading), your advice about getting all dressed up and taking a long lunch to make people think I was interviewing had me giggling all weekend. I might just have to try that. :)

One last bit of "other news":

I plugged in the PS2 on Sunday. (Yeah, I still haven't got that port/switching thing that would let me keep the PS2 and Gamecube plugged in at the same time.) I tried to play Kingdom Hearts again, but (cry, cry), I really can't play it. I want to! Really! It looks like such a rich game with so much to do... but the camera motion makes me so sick. I played FFX for maybe an hour as well (just random and needless leveling up inside Sin). Gods, I forgot how utterly beautiful and wonderful that game is! Animal Crossing is so purposefully simple in its graphics. FFX is so ... real. Better than real. I need to start a new game and play it from the beginning all the way through again. Wow. Music, voice acting, graphics, story... sheesh. How could I have forgotten how good it was?

Animal Crossing is taking less and less of my time. There is no "winning" of the game, but I'm fast approaching the point where all I need to do happens in spring/summmer/fall... so all I can do is wait for time to pass. I'm up to 8.5 million bells (dollars) in the bank; 10 million is the last attainable goal (999 million is the one after that, but that would take *years* to reach). I'm really happy planting my flowers, but when you can only buy 6 new ones a day, it's slow going.

I actually had breakfast (other than oatmeal, oatmeal doesn't count) and a soda (Mmm, Diet Coke!) this morning. Food sure does improve my mood and energy levels. No matter that I had just a couple hours of sleep last night, I feel *good* this morning.
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