February 12th, 2003


Happy happy joy joy!

We have Monday the 17th off. Presidents Day! Yay! (And for once I thought to check beforehand. Nothing like arriving at the office only to find it closed!)
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NationStates: The War Within Zanzibar

The "Arians" of The Republic of The Arians still haven't moved out of our region. I almost hope they continue to stay, as they're providing troll-level amusement:

Posted by The Republic of The Arians:
"Its not the number of Armed men in your country that counts
its their capabilities...
My Waffen SS will Viporise the puny peasants y'all call soldiers....

I remind you that the Proud Nation of The Republic of Arians are preparing for WAR!!"

"I think Arians need to learn to spell before going to war." -The Republic of Farkistonia
"OH NOS!!@@ Please do not viporise my country!!!!!!!111111" -The Republic of Beastonesia
"Yes, we would hate to see a repeat of the Great 1996 Viporisation." -The Republic of Farkistonia

The Arians went off about their country rising to become a superpower again. Farkistonia had the best reply. (Recall they also had the fun line about spellcheckers.)

"Arian people, we at the Republic of Farkistonia support counting, so we would like to tell you that if the 'third reich will once again rise', it would then be the 'fourth reich', as the number four directly follows the number three."

I wonder why trolls are never smart enough to see that they're outclassed? If I was the guy behind the Arians(sic), I'd be slinking off with my tail between my legs...
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I've been working on a big coding project today, and near the end of it I noticed something odd. When I code, I think differently. I'm sitting here, trying to put into words /how/ it is different... 'more focused' isn't right. I didn't want to call it "less creative" because I think coding can be as creative as some writing, but maybe that's the closest I can come to it. Maybe this:

Recall Tinkertoys? Wooden round parts that wooden sticks could be stuck into, so you could build things with them? You start with the idea of what you need to do: I want to write code that will maintain and then make a weekly report on certain MUSH stats. Or in Tinkertoy-talk: I want to make a stick-dog.

So you focus on each part of what you need to make that thing; you can't just make the whole Tinkertoy dog at once. My code needed to write to a DB object each time someone did something; the dog needs back legs. Okay, you got it writing to the DB, but look, you need to handle these special cases, too; the dog needs a spine.

And so on. You don't make the dog's back legs and then jump and make its head, you focus on each part and it will lead you naturally to the next thing you need. You kind of let it walk you through the project...

Bah, I don't think I explained it well.

This: [words([lattr(DB#)])] will count the number of attributes on an object. It's a 'hips' or a 'shoulders', it's a main part of the stick dog. It does the grunt work of the reporting end of this. Once I had that, I was able to "build" around it -- make the dog's legs and start up the back. Fill in the details. Make it do all the extras.

While coding can be creative, the thinking I use when doing it is nothing at all like my thinking when I RP. Maybe it's a right brain/left brain thing... but it just feels odd to be able to feel that you're thinking in a different style than usual.

And on a related note: I'm always at odds with how "neat" to make my code. It runs now, but I can make it tighter and "cleaner". However, if it runs, is that good enough? Sometimes I go back and clean things up or totally rewrite them, but sometimes I leave things messy and just cringe when I later happen upon it. This stuff I wrote today is pretty loose, I need to tighten it at least a little. (I have an excuse! I wrote it during the last couple hours of work. I always feel like I really got something accomplished at work when I get MUSH code done...)


In other news, Mallen came by (without calling, of course) to get the fryer. Yay! He'll put it to good use and I didn't want to see it anymore, so I'm happy. Also, he brought me a jar of jelly (sorry, jam) that he made. I can't wait to try it!

I went shopping at lunchtime and bought a lot of cleaning supplies. My mother is coming in a month (eek eek eek) so I need to do major cleaning. My apartment isn't dirty, I'm not embarrassed when people come over, but it's not up to her level of clean.

Man, this week is so full. I need to do four or so loads of laundry tomorrow. I so wish I had a washing machine in my apartment, it would make things 100% easier. (There's nothing like lugging a bunch of loads of wet laundry through the parking lot and between buildings...)
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Zzz... Vroom! Zzz...

Somehow it's now 10:40. I arrived home at 5:10, sat down at the computer, and worked every moment until now (except the few Mallen was here for, until I was able to kick him out the door -- sorry!). I can't believe the whole night is gone. I'm so tired, but I seem to have just as much to do now as I did almost five hours ago.

Got done that I had to do:
Some code
A couple of new pages for the site
Some unenthusiastic AC stuff (I agreed to trades so had to handle them, I don't usually deal with them because they take too much time.)

Got done that wanted to do:
Updated my AC catalog (here, if anyone cares.)
Ate dinner

Needs doing:
All laundry (4-5 loads)
Finish code
Scrub kitchen sinks, replace drain thingie
Clean cat box
Scrub bathtub, remove all traces of anything non-white
Make a trip to the dumpster (it's a walk away, pain in the ass)
GM (Saturday)
Run NPCs (twice on Friday, once on Sunday)
Sweep bathroom floor, hunt down all loose kitty litter

Sleep soon, most everything else after work tomorrow.
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