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February 13th, 2003

Morning Sacrilegious Amusement

This picture made me giggle. The title is "Jesus was a candy raver". The art's not especially well done or anything, but it's the details that count. The face in the cross, God's hand from the cloud joining in on the "dancing"... Heh heh heh.

You expect honesty? After this?

This story, http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/TV/02/13/joe.millionaire.ap/index.html, amused me (and saddens me) greatly. It's about people who are pissed off at the Joe Millionaire show because they implied the final decision would be made on Tuesday's ep, and it was instead a recap and the decision will be made in next week's ep.

Hello? The entire show is based on a lie. How can anyone honestly be mad that the station that produced the show which is hurting people with lies has been dishonest with them. Hello? Hello? Are you bitching people even thinking?

This is sort of like when a husband leaves his wife for the other woman, and the other woman thinks that that husband will now be loyal to her. It's not gonna happen.

Sigh. I wish people were less stupid...


Three or four weeks ago, the last time I had to do all of my laundry ('all' meaning 'just about everything I own'), the MUSH went down. I had said that I wouldn't mind it being down for a few hours, so I could do my laundry in peace.

It ended up being down for nearly a week.

I do not wish to do my laundry in peace tonight!

(Note: The MUSH was actually up, it was an ISP issue, but from the outside both look like the same thing.)

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Okay. Someone tell me what this ad is trying to tell us?

UFOs come from cows' butts?

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