February 18th, 2003


Mon- eh, Tuesday morning blahs

If all had gone well last night, I would have had 4.5 hours of solid sleep. Not enough, but not so little I'd want to slit my wrists. However, instead of sleeping I had serious stomach troubles, and was in the (freezing cold) bathroom for about half that time. This morning I still feel like crap (something of a pun there...). I made my morning oatmeal, and I'm hungry in some way, but my stomach is currently protesting /water/ so I might just skip it.


Nothing like being at work, when a call might come in and keep you on the phone for who knows how long, and have stomach troubles that prompt dashes to the bathroom. ('Dash' is sort of a laugh, it'd be more like a stagger. Legs are shaky and weak, and my head is edging towards dizzy.)

I deserve this though. A couple months ago I ate Burger King and had much the same reaction. I vowed never to go back. I needed lunch yesterday, so I gave them a grudging second chance. Big mistake. Somehow that sort of makes all this easier, that it's my fault. I should have known better, I *did* know better, and I'm paying for not listening to what I knew.

So cold, so achy, so shivery. Hush, stomach, all this will soon pass and things will go back to normal.
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See? See?

Mostly for PokeMUSH staffers, but anyone who cares can look.

Why I've been typoing more lately

My cat has found a new place to sleep.

Warning: They're pretty big. They'll also give you a view of my desk area though.

A couple things to look for in the pictures: The BK drink is from my ill-fated meal yesterday. The potato chips are ... well, three or four weeks old. I open a bag, eat a couple, then never touch the bag again (I'm not a big chip fan).

Hm, I was going to crop picture #3, somehow the lines got saved in it. Odd.

So, anyway, the silly cat keeps rolling and pushing to get closer to me, and it moves my keyboard nearly off my desk. I got an excuse!