February 23rd, 2003


www.hot-hot-hot-catlove.com and weekend foo

Woo woo. In 24-48 hours, as soon as some nameserver or something gets updated, it'll be live! I still have very, very little idea what I'm going to put on it, but we'll deal with that later.

I GMed today. Donno why, but this ONS and the last one seem like they came out as... eh. Lackluster. Maybe I've been GMing too much or maybe I'm just in an eh mood or maybe I'm getting tired of GMing in that same area (Habari) all the time... I think my next GMing is post-mother-visit, and it's in a different setting. (Ah, I just checked. No, one more before the visit, and then one after.) Maybe I need to start killing PCs off or something. Heh heh heh. ;)

Boy, do I hate ants. Got up this morning wandered bleary-eyed into the bathroom, and then stopped. Whole darned wall crawling with ants! GAH GAH GAH. That is not want I want to see when I wake up! I grabbed the can of ant poison and (after considering beating them with the can) sprayed the hell out of them. Gah. I hate them so much.

Otherwise it was an uneventful weekend. Was rather sick yesterday, so mostly just nibbled crackers all day. Was starving today, but started GMing at noon, which distracted me from food until now. I'm almost looking forward to work tomorrow, just because it keeps me eating at regular times.

Nice, informative, upbeat post, huh?