February 24th, 2003


Harry Potter Fanfics

(LJ's such a bitchkitty this morning that I'm writing this up in Notepad and will copy and paste it in when LJ comes back up.)

For a long time (years and years), I've avoided fanfics. They tend to be seriously badly written and contain grammar so bad it would make your grandma cry.

Last week things changed.

I was so bored at work, I went poking around for something to read. A random Googling of 'Harry Potter' brought me to a fanfic site (fictionalley.org), and from there I found the most amazing story ever. The First Piece of Silver (warning: man-man kissin'. Don't click if you'll twitch.). After sending the URL to a number of folks I knew would like it (hi free_basing and evil_grayson!), I checked out the author's LJ (isiscolo).

Ahhhhh. isiscolo is like a filter: She writes great stuff, so she tends not to link to crap. She linked to Shade More Than Man, which I stayed up way too late last night reading. (Snape/Black slash, more than kissing. You've been warned.) Snape/Black. Hell, Snape/anything. Who'd think that worked? But wow, well written, and it does indeed make sense and work.

Since Shade More Than Man is NC17 rated, I can't read it at work (whine, whine), so googling I went again. Link lead to link, and I found this: the Severus Snape Fuh-q Fest. Now that's some funny (and wrong!) reading. It's a contest to write slash pairing Snape with various other characters from the HP books. How about Snape and Fluffy (the three headed dog), Snape and Fang (Hagrid's dog), Snape and a Dementor, or
Snape and a broomstick?

I'm a whole lot less bored at work today!
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Stolen Fortunes and Creative Juices

I had Chinese for dinner. As usual, my cat was eyeing it. I was watching her in amusement as she snuck closer and closer... then she snapped into action! But did she steal my chicken? Nope. Rice? Nope. My cat grabbed my /fortune cookie/ and ran off with it (mind you, it's not much smaller than her head). She almost got away with it, I was laughing so much. I wish I had had my camera handy; she had her lips and whiskers drawn back, holding the cookie up high. She crunched into it before I got to it. And her fortune? 'What starts as a vice today may be a virtue tomorrow.' Fitting.

And in other news! http://www.hot-hot-hot-catlove.com is coming right along! I put a main graphic up on the front page, and look! A custom 404 page! http://www.hot-hot-hot-catlove.com/anything.html I've always wanted to make a custom 404 page (wow, that sounds silly, but it's true!). I still need *real* content, but those two things are a start!
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