February 27th, 2003


Moved to a new neighborhood

While driving to work this morning, I heard that Mister Rogers died overnight. I've never gotten upset about a celebrity dying before, but this made me really sad.

My mother and I had a debate about him once. She didn't like him because she thought he made boys "turn gay" (because he was too nice and too soft-spoken, and they might copy him). Sigh. She has improved some (mostly because she's pretty sure I'm gay, which I'm not, but she never believes me when I try to correct her). Oddly, a number of folks have thought I was gay. I mostly find that amusing, though I do wonder what makes them think that...

I was thinking about all sorts of things to write here, things along the lines of 'George Bush should watch more Mister Rogers's Neighborhood' or that Georgie should be more like him, but I don't want to turn this into some sort of political debate. I think he was a good man, I think he did good things for the world, and it's sad that he's gone.
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Crapidty Crap Crap

People should need to pass tests and get permission before writing fanfics. I've had the displeasure of reading so far this morning:

* An abused, teased, bullied girl gets accepted to Hogwarts... and is made Head Girl before she even arrives!

* Potter tries to kill himself. Draco finds him, heals him, and the two fall in love (and into bed).

* Snape has a stalker-girl who has loved him forever and followed him through "the ages".

Bah. People, people: enemies very rarely jump into bed and have sex for no reason. If you make a canon character act utterly off-character, then why the hell did you bother writing about him or her to begin with? No, no, no, Snape and Harry have NOT always had feelings for each other.


My 'people who need to die' list just keeps growing and growing. If you cannot write, if you cannot stay within theme, if you cannot spell, if you do not know how a comma is used, then stop writing!
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Tonight I put a couple hours into working on the site. It's an odd thing, usually design (graphics, colors, layout, all that) explode out of me, and I can hardly get it down into writing fast enough. I'm really struggling with catlove -- that means something's deeply wrong with.

http://www.hot-hot-hot-catlove.com (Don't mind the purple banner, that hasn't been replaced yet. Also, the links aren't up yet.)

I'm not thrilled with the background color, but it's close-ish to right. I think it needs a shade or two more red in it (to better match that main picture, even though I took the color out of it).

I redid those buttons a number of times. I wanted to use calico fur (because one of the names I use online is Calico), but the colors were too bright. I hunted down other cat fur colors, then ironically used my own cat's fur. Again, though, I'm really not /happy/ with them. I don't hate them, but something's really off. (The white's too white, maybe?) Hm. Maybe if I used the horse's fur it might match better...

If anyone has any ideas, please feel totally free to post. Sizes, colors, layout, I'll take feedback on everything and anything!
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'porn' button

I was climbing into bed and realized that I should have mentioned this: The 'porn' button will not lead to porn. Because I have a domain name with 'hot-hot-hot' in it, some folks would expect to find that on the site, so I'm going to set up some pretend porn (to stick with the site's theme: cats mating, if I can find such pictures).

Anyway, off to bed. I just didn't want anyone thinking I was odd(er).