March 19th, 2003


End of Vacation Part One, Start of Vacation Part Two

I dropped my mother off at the airport this morning, which was a lot sadder than I thought it would be. On the one hand, I was missing my privacy and we have totally different ideas of what a vacation should be, but on the other hand I like her a lot and we get along really well.

Things I've enjoyed today: Being able to use the bathroom without having to close the door, having popcorn for dinner, and watching no news. Looking forward to: Sleeping tonight without someone else in the room (which means wearing a whole lot less to bed).

Quiet nicely, I'm off the rest of this week. Okay, that's just Thursday and Friday, but I'll enjoy it.

I spent seven hours today catching up on Animal Crossing. Yes, there *is* such a thing as too much of a good thing. I hadn't been able to touch it for a week, so I had to catch up. My hand is now twitching, but I did catch up to the current time.

Things to do in the coming days: laundry, Kill Ants Dead, set up accounts on Catlove for various people.


Apparently the war started. That terror alert thing is now at red. My mother is still up in the air (she should be landing shortly though).

My first choice would be for her to have stayed here (but she couldn't, her practice is in NY). My second choice would be for her to be on the ground before they start all this mess.

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New User Pics!

I post about Harry Potter so much, I decided it was time to have a couple of icons.

First is Madam Hooch, who I totally loved in the movie. I'd love to look like her when I get older.

And how could I not have a Snape?

I thought about making an Animal Crossing one, but I don't post about it much anymore. Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow.

(Oh, and the art on neither of those is by me, natch.)
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