March 24th, 2003


Bloody sleepless nights


I went to bed at the reasonable hour of 11. Almost as soon as I opened my book (was planning to read for 15 minutes or so before sleeping) my nose started bleeding. 'Bleeding' hardly describes it, blood was flooding out of both sides so fast I couldn't tell which side was the source. Ugh.

I get nose bleeds for no reason a lot, so this was annoying but not surprising. What was surprising (distressing) was when three hours later it was still gushing blood. I pinched it to death, I tried the rarely used (by me) ice on it, but the darned thing wouldn't stop.

At four hours of bleeding (3 AM, whimper whimper) I was pondering going to the hospital. What stopped me was how silly that seemed, going in in the middle of the night for a nose bleed (flood). I was also wondering how much blood you could lose through your nose, if it could get to the point of being dangerous. Luckily around 3:30 it slowed down, so I turned off the lights and kept the tissue on it. Sometime after 4 I went to sleep.

Alarm was supposed to go off at 6:30, but my devil-in-fur cat woke me up at 6. The tissue was stuck to my nose.

Two hours of sleep. My sinuses/head/nose are full of blood. I can smell it, I can taste it. (Blech.)

Sleep, sleep, I need sleep. (And man, do I want to blow my nose now, but that'd be doom.) Not a great way to return to work after a vacation.
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Small Kitchen Appliances

I think I forgot to mention that I (finally) got a crock pot. It's nice, but a little daunting (spices! I have no spices!). I need to go shopping and get things like bay leaves, but I forgot to go at lunch today. I have a chicken breast cooking now, with "spices" from a packet of meat-flavoring stuff. Chinese roast chicken flavor, from the asian market near Giovanni's. It looked okay when I checked it at lunchtime, but I totally put the power in by ear, so who knows how it will taste. (One packet for a pound of chicken, and I put only one breast in. I'm suspecting it'll end up too strong.)

Think I'll make bread again when I go home. (My little bread maker makes a "personal sized loaf" in an hour (45 minutes to cook + 15 to cool.) My honey-oatmeal loaf needs more flavor, but I'm not sure how to add it. I wonder how a packet of the instant oatmeal would work... but that would add extra sugar... (I suspect you need X amount of sweetener for the yeast to work, and maybe putting too much in would ... do... something.)

Also, mostly as a note to Hyper, I got an ice shredder thingie! For snowcones and stuff. I got a bottle of flavoring stuff, too. I need to make some ice so I can try it out, even though it's not hot out yet.
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Short Dinner Report

For those who care:

The bread came out okay, though somehow the oatmeal must have made it thicker or something, and it didn't bake long enough. The crusts tasted good, I just left the middle part. Raisins totally rocked in it. I need to try adding them again. Mmm.

The chicken was eh. Not bad, but not very good. Not so bad I threw it out. For some reason it was a little dry (the booklet said it was impossible to overcook in the crock pot, so I'm confused as to why). The 'chinese roast chicken' spices were odd. I'm going to try teriyaki spices on tomorrow's chicken breast.

If I was on a diet, this must be a good thing. A chicken breast must be a good dinner calories-wise. I need to figure out something else to make with it. Like... vegetables or something...

Must shop over lunch tomorrow. Need spices and broth and some other stuff to put in the pot. I want to try making stew and something with boneless chicken pieces instead of parts.

Anyone know of a good crock pot cookbook? Or a website?
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