March 26th, 2003


Not feeling so chef-y now, are you?

Woke up this morning, stumbled to the crock pot at the usual 6:30 AM (*shudder*) to start dinner before going off to shower and stuff. Put the ribs in. Put more BBQ sauce and some water in. Went off to the bathroom.

Realized I never salted and peppered the ribs last night.

Drat. Went back out and salted the top of them. Just one side, and over the sauce.

Grr. I always forget to salt and pepper things.


In other, somewhat amusing, news, I was checking the webstats for my domain, I got a hit from I think I should contact wetwetwet's owner and we could form some sort of partnership. Hotwet-hotwet-hotwet-catlove? Hothothot-wetwetwet-catlove? Hee.


Lastly, sometimes I feel ashamed of myself. I finally bought a copy of Elements of Style, and man, do I love it. I was happy and excited to read all about grammar! I learned a new term (compound adjective) and I giggled! I can't wait to read more! I only wish it wasn't such a tiny book (about 100 pages).

Anyone who wants to blame/credit my (and therefore PokeMUSH's) grammar-nazism needs only to look at my last MUSH I played on before taking PokeMUSH's reins: GarouMUSH. Most everyone there was so perfect, and everyone was so anal about being totally correct in poses... they're the ones who broke/fixed me. The very rare times I now peek in and check the WHO they seem not to be doing too well (which I have mixed emotions about; I love the theory of the MUSH but had big issues with other things). It gives me that I'm-surpassing-my-parents sort of feeling.
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I'm happy to see so many people on my friends page now reading (and quoting) Lileks's blog (I've followed it for four or so years now). Mallen and company do it for his political chatter, I do it for this.

It's odd, "knowing" someone so well but never having met him. I found his blog before he and his wife were even thinking about having a baby, and now his little girl is three years old (and cute as a button). I know how he likes his pizza, his dog's name, and how many times he's moved in the last four years.

I love the Internet.
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I don't even know how to describe this (LJ post by some amazing person I don't know). Wonderfully written, scary, accurate... and fuel to further my wishes to live elsewhere.

Links to it have shown up in lots of other LJs (as evidenced by the few hundred comments it has), but I'm posting it here to help spread it further.

I can't even pick out one quote that worries me most in it, but here's one of them:

"And as of Friday all faculty and staff have been ordered by the district (which gets its directions from the state, which gets its directives from the US Department of Education) not to speak against the war or the government in the presence of our students. Not asked, ordered."


God forbid we give children an alternate side to this so that they could *gasp* think about it and come to their own opinions...

Grr, mutter, grr.
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I'm just a postin' fool today!

Yet another post, yep! Funny how when work is busier, I get more LJ-chatty.

Anyway, in that 100-word HP weekly story contest thingie, someone just posted one I really loved and that made me think. (In the book there's a mirror in which you'll see your fondest wish. The challenge is to write a story on what a character might see in it.) By serpenthe:

She knows the mirror is a bad thing. She knows because she watches his face as he looks into it, so full of longing, and sees how he pantomimes the wand movements. She wants to tell him to stay away, it only hurts you.

So many years she has walked by his side, and still he cannot let it go. She wants to tell him she loves him, that magic doesn't matter, but she can't.

So she stands beside him and looks, and she has lips to kiss his face, and fingers to hold his hand, and finally he knows.

The 'she' in this is Mrs. Norris, a cat owned by a... complex man named Filch. Both in the book and in the fan world, Filch is a rather unliked man. A wizard without magic powers, old when all the students around him are decades younger, not handsome, grumpy as heck, and seemingly mad at the world in general. All those negative things, and yet I can still identify with him and understand his actions. To me, he's a rather tragic character. He's surrounded by a bunch of kids with powers he doesn't have, he has to clean up after them (and I doubt there's been one who ever thanked him), and these little kids have no problem with letting him know how they feel about him.

Can anyone blame him for being grumpy back at them?

And even with all this bad stuff in his life, there's someone he loves. His cat. She follows him everywhere, they can communicate on some level, and when something bad happened to her, he had such a raw emotional reaction I almost cried at it.

I wish the HP books were a real world someplace, somewhere you could visit and spend more time talking to the characters. I'd like to meet Filch. I'd like to smile at him and show him that not everyone hates him. I'd like to bring him an unexpected cookie and cup of coffee. I know it's silly because he's just a fictional character (and just a minor one at that), but I'd like for him to have a friend.
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