April 21st, 2003


Monday, Monday (Moving, Fanfic/Canon)

My chest feels empty, my heart has sunk somewhere down near my knees. My stomach is twisted and balking at my oatmeal breakfast. What little sleep I got last night was restless and nightmare-filled.

Must be Monday morning!

It's amazing, those things listed above I'd expect to feel if someone close to me died, but they're the normal things I feel upon arriving at work.

Of late I've been pondering moving again. No, not Alaska this time (brrr), but Las Vegas. That must be a cool as hell to live there (in a hot-as-hell-since-it's-the-desert sort of way). Must be lots of jobs to do there, too. I might even be able to find one where I don't have to work with people/support. Need to do some looking into this...


On Sunday I finally watched Chamber of Secrets. Darned long movie. I really cannot sit still for three hours. It was good, but...

1) I kept giggling at Lucius. While he is sexy as heck, I could no longer take him seriously. Not even for a second. *Especially* when he was wearing that hat in the Quidditch scene. (I kept thinking v. v. silly thoughts about him and his v. v. sexy arse.)

2) The whole movie was tinged with sadness, ala IYAP. Luckily Harry looked a couple of years under 16/17 in the film, otherwise I would have been really sad; I can watch him as a kid okay, but him as a young man/older teen... Poor, poor fellow. And poor Snape. Bah.
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HBO: It's not TV, it's HBO

I forgot to stick this in the earlier post.

Oh, I so love HBO. More m/m sex than in a whole pack of slash stories! First it was Oz, with its sucky-as-heck storylines but hot and often noncon sex in every ep. Oz is over, alas, but Six Feet Under appears to be taking its place. Yummy, yummy ep last night: Not just the weekly gay sex, but a threesome! With two cute and muscle-y men and one non muscle-y. My only complaint is that unlike Oz, Six Feet Under cuts the camera away way too soon. Oz was graphic about it, Six Feet Under is... "tasteful".

Ah well. Better tasteful than nothing! And even with quick cuts, it can still be pretty nice. Mmm.

Now how's this for a quality, content-packed post?
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HP100 Challenge!

I love this week's challenge (and not just because it was suggested by me!).

Challenge #6: When Pigs Fly
...In this week's challenge, your character will be doing all of those wacky out-of-character things that bug us so much, or at least as many of them as you can fit into one hundred words.

Somehow I came out abusing some of my favorite characters. I feel like I should go iron my hands and slam my nose in the closet door.

Collapse )

I used the same title on both of them because, not only did it fit both, I hate making up titles. Takes me longer to come up with a title than it does to write stories.

I'm expecting to make a couple more this week. I have another Hermione/Viktor one in mind, and of course I need to come up with something Peter will never do. Hm... Hee.
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American Idol & Tip o'the Night

People snickered and snerked at me watching American Idol (rightly so!) . But look! This is one reason why I watch it! Clay, more Clay. But more than being just cute, I get goosebumps when he sings. Just think, I started watching this show to mock the people singing, and now I like one and look forward to watching!

Tip: Back up your LJ here. I believe in backing up anything and everything that can be. Seems wise to include a LJ in that.

Oh, and this LJ user picture amuses me muchly. (The guy is actually crying.)

Oh, and the super finally arrived to pour acid down my kitchen sink... arrived at 9 PM, after I decided she wasn't going to come and I got into my, um, not-seeing-people clothing. Fun. Hopefully by tomorrow the sink will work well enough to wash my dishes. Got a greasy crock pot to scrub.
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