May 11th, 2003


I don't need another time-killer!

I finally got around to downloading and trying this Princess Maker2 game. Seven hours later, I notice Sunday is gone. HFJKEHQJFehfeqhewqnfjkeq! It *is* fun, and I *do* want to play it again, but I did nothing else today! (Well, other than reading some good fanfic. I found a chick who wrote a ton of stories just about Filch! Happy is I.)

Speaking of killers, either the apartment next to mine now has someone in it, or the workers are being as inconsiderate as ever. I heard things moving and walking around and banging after midnight last night (and yes, they've done construction that late before). I haven't seen a moving truck, but it could have come while I was at work. I'm really, really hoping it hasn't been moved into yet, for two reasons: 1) The emptier (quieter) it is, the better. But more important, 2) The rent I'm paying is way over norm for this area. I mean like hundreds a month over. The owners of this building own the place across the street (nicer than this building), and are renting open apartments there for almost four hundred less. If the apartment next to mine rents for about that, it will be easier to call and say 'Hey, you're renting this same place for X, you're going to lower my rent to X, right?' than to say 'Hey, all these random places are renting for X...'. If worse comes to worse, I'll move. However, I'd really rather not to. I like my apartment, I love the (quiet quiet) street I live on, I don't *want* to move... but I also don't want to over-pay. So we'll see...

Work's going to suck in the coming week, but at least the next week after that I have a vacation. Knowing that, I'll be able to survive. Hopefully. :)

Also, for those playing at home, I'm hating the end of Survivor. Sucks, sucks, sucks. If the woman wins, I'm going to ... well, um. Be annoyed! Not much I can do, as I'll still watch it next season. (Reality show whore am I!)

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