May 29th, 2003


Must have been bad...

I believe it was in IYAP that there was a quote along the lines of "I must have been really bad in my last life, to have been reborn into this one.". I think my wording is way off, but the general idea is there.

8 AM. Two hours sleep last night because it was so damned hot. Support line rings.

Me: Hello, (company), this is Thistle, may I help you?
Him, sneer audible in his voice: Yeah, your product isn't working. Do something about it.
Me, thinking to myself: Right. It's *my* product. You want me to do something about it? How about hang up on you?
Me, out loud, asks for details. Operating system, basic things.
Him, sneering: *snort* Why do you need to know that? Just fix it! *snort* *sneer*
Me: I need to know those things to help me find out the problem.
Him, sneer further increased: You're not very good at this, are you?
Me, thinking: DIE DIE DIE DIE. Fuck off and die.
Him: I NEED this to work.
Me: I'm sure you do. Now, if you'll tell me your operating system...

And so on. Eight-fucking-AM. No sleep. I don't want to be here on a good day, let alone a bad one. I do not need this crap.
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The Amazing Race

Anyone who dislikes reality TV can skip over this post.

The Amazing Race:
This looks like a highly interesting season! A *seriously* cute gay couple (mmm, sexy boys), a couple of old/not-skinny couples (yay!), a pair of NFL wives (how unique), a pair of virgins (uh, thanks, needed to know that...), a pair of fashion models (blech, but might be interesting), and a corrections officer (purrr).

I'd really like to see an over-40 Amazing Race one season. That'd be cool.

Snerk. Ten minutes into the show, and the fashion models are already thwarted by needing to close the vehicle's *trunk*. Snicker. Going to be an interesting season!

Fame was no American Idol. The hosts were boring. The kids were talented though, so if I'm bored and nothing else is on, I'll probably watch it.
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Looking for the Ratha/Thistle-Chaser books?

I stumbled upon a site with them for sale. Seriously cheap. I know a number of people are looking for them, so:

Ratha's Creature - $12.95
Clan Ground - $2.95 (Impossible!)
Ratha and Thistle-Chaser - $14.95
Ratha's Challenge - $16.95

Not a Thistle-Chaser series book, but a must-read from the same author:
People of the Sky - $3.95

Hm. Poking about the site more, the links all seem to lead you back to Amazon. They're available there, but at higher prices.

And while on this topic, I still need to get the Clare Bell section of Catlove up. Lazy me just doesn't want to deal with scanning. And, uh, writing. And HTMLing up a new page or six. Maybe this weekend...