June 3rd, 2003


Grump, grump (And odd In&Out-ness)

Though I wasn't hungry when my lunchtime rolled around, I left anyway. Even forced myself to get food to eat, so I wouldn't feel icky and shaky later. At the normal time, I left home to return to work. Usually a 10 minute trip.

20 minutes later, and I could still almost see my house.

Construction. Grr.

40 minutes later, and I reached the on ramp to Central... but it was closed. Had to go three more lights before I could turn around, for a cost of 10 more minutes. Then, when I finally was able to make a U-turn, I didn't see a chunk of broken curb and hit it as I was turning.

'Clunk, grrr, grate,' went my car.

If I have a flat when I leave, I'm going to be mighty pissed.


So it's my understanding that the In&Out chain is owned by religious folks, right? Oddest thing: Cost of what I'm assuming is their most popular meal, the double-double, plus a shake comes to $6.66. It's not like a meal and a shake is that abnormal of a thing to order, right? You'd think they'd raise or lower the cost by five cents to avoid that figure. I mean, it doesn't bother me, but if they're all religious and all that...

I know I'm odd, but I'm not an In&Out fangirl. Their burgers are okay. I don't lust after them like other folks around here. I like their shakes though; they're the reason I go there. Mmm, strawberry.
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Useful tool

lj_nifty is a keen community. I've been trying to search for communities for the longest time, and someone finally came up with a way. (Details are here.)

The hp100 writing group is so much fun, I wanted to poke around and see what other ones there might be out there. Unfortunately, I didn't find much I'm interested in... Two Buffy, one X-Files, one X-Men, and one "RPS" (real people slash, *twitch*).

Hm. A search for 'drabble' instead of '100' gives more results. Here. Still nothing I'm interested in writing, but a couple things I might check out to read...

(I guess it would help if I knew what I wanted to write /before/ searching, huh? I don't even know why I'm looking for other themes... Just restless with life in general...)

Edited to add: Found a CSI100 group to watch, a Pitch Black (the movie from a few years back) drabble group to watch, and a promo100 group to pimp your 100 groups in. I poked the chick who runs the HP100 group to put a post up there.

Still restless...
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My Inner Carnivore

I'm not really much of a meat-eater in general. I'm not a vegetarian by a long shot, but I rarely crave meat-based things.

Related to this, my box of Japanese foods arrived today.

As part of my order, I bought Pocky. My intent of this was to confirm my correctness: Anime fanboys and girls who run around going 'Kekekekeke!' and saying 'kawaii!!!' and other such things seem to praise Pocky endlessly. It annoys the heck out of me. It's just a darned Japanese biscuit covered in chocolate! Not even a cookie, more like a breadstick! It cannot be worth endless praise and daily conversations!

So I bought some in that order and I tried it today. As I ate the first stick I was nodding to myself. I was right. Flavor was poor, almost no chocolate coating... but then I had another. And then I discovered It.

The secret of Pocky.

If you eat two or three at once, it's a whole different experience. (Stick with me here, this is going to sound odd and/or gross.) When you eat two or three together, it feels like you're snapping a bone between your teeth. Now I know, I know. That sounds terrible. Before today, I would have ew'ed at this. But it felt good. Really good.

I've discovered my inner carnivore, and it likes sucky Japanese cookies.

There's irony somewhere in there.
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Tonight's Japanese Candy Post!

(I don't have very many types of candy from the box, so don't worry, there won't be too many of these.)

Morinaga Hi-Chew! (Official homepage.)

Picture: Here. Yes, it really is that pale, it's not washed out by a flash or anything.

Imagine Starburst mixed with a non-flavored chewing gum, and you'll pretty much have Morinaga Hi-Chew. Weakly cherry flavored, but the "mouth feel" was utterly off for a candy. When I started chewing the first piece, I would have put a good deal of money on it being gum and not candy. It just had that slick, chewy feel. However, as I kept chewing it, it dissolved and so I think it really was candy.

While chewing it, it tasted okay. Not great, but not bad. It could have used a whole lot more cherry flavor. The big problem was, once you finish chewing and swallowed, there was a nasty burnt-plastic or oily (black oil, not cooking oil or something) aftertaste. Blech.

I'd give it a 3 out of 10. Not so bad I'll throw the pack away now, but I'm suspecting I won't finish it (and I won't buy more).
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Rrrarrr! Scary!

I'm just full of posty-goodness tonight, aren't I? More posts than usual today.

So, there's this guy walking around on the street. (A street somewhere, luckily not around me. I think. I hope.)

Here's one picture of him.
And another.

His face and arms are tattooed into fur/scales. (None of that on his face is make-up, it's all tattoos.) See his lip? That's an implant to make him look more cat-like. See all those piercings in his, um, upper-lip area? They're so he can attach whiskers to himself. And don't ask me how this makes him more cat-like, but he has breast/chest implants as well.

So my question is, what in the world does this person do for a living? The only thing I can think of is maybe he works in a circus or a "freak show" (do they even have those anymore?). It'd take quite an open-minded boss to hire him for a regular job...
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