June 6th, 2003



The CD with all the HP books on it works on my work computer! YAY! (While my home computer doesn't make a sound, when you put a music CD into it it *acts* like it is. It failed to do anything with this CD.)

I could almost like work while listening to the books.

Heehee. Happy me!
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A weasel by any other name...

So I've listened to the first half of SS (pleasant way to spend a work day, even if I'm oft interrupted by work foo). It's quite nice hearing it out loud, though it's sllllooooow. While listening, I noticed something:

JKR tends to pick significant names, or names that give the feeling of the character, right? Examples:

Argus (Filch) is a many-eyed monster from Greek(?) myth.
Severus Snape ssssoundsss all sssnakey. And *snap*!

So when I read the book to myself, I always pronounce Ron's last name more like 'Wesley' than 'weasel-y'. To me, in JKR's world where names are indicators of things, that made sense. Why would you call one of the protagonists "weasely"? Thinking that maybe in England that wouldn't be an insult, I asked a British friend. Apparently it doesn't have a very positive meaning there, either.

If the twins were the only Weasleys in the books, then maybe I could understand giving them that name, but even then it would raise my eyebrows.

I wonder if this has anything to do with amanuensis1(?)'s idea/hope that Ginny is actually still being controlled by Voldemort? Seems like a stretch and an unfairly broad clue if it is...

On to semi- and totally unrelated things:

My ears are hot. 8+ hours with headphones on will do that. Guess I'll call it quits for today, as I've not even read my LJ friends page or any of my daily webpages yet.

To save a post later tonight, I probably won't do a Japanese candy post tonight. I'm going out to dinner (and so will be full), plus I need to finish those Cream Collon ones. I do have an interesting one for the next one: chocolate gravel. Or maybe chocolate hamburgers. Haven't decided yet.
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Fittingly, I can blame mctabby!

Go here, punch in a word, and it will tell you what that word is slang for. (For serious!)

I like the example sentence for 'Thistle', I dislike it (a lot) for 'Thistle-Chaser', but 'Sly' is the reason I'm posting here instead of just leaving it as a comment in mctabby's LJ:

v. to slap a club.
"I can't believe Reggie tried to thistle!"

n. mid-nineties term for lipstick.
"All your thistle-chaser are belong to us, dude."

adj. ugly.
"Check out my sly tattoo!"

First person to make a comment on Sly's gets hit. :)
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