June 19th, 2003


Insane in the Membrane

Monday night: 4 hours sleep
Tuesday night: 4 hours sleep
Wednesday night: 3 hours sleep

Total: 3 days, 11 hours sleep

So why am I not tired?

It's insa-- No, I'm insane. Went to bed last night, but was thinking I really wanted to write something for hp100. Figured out a way to sort of get around the week's theme and sort of make it work within the theme (sort of). Got out of bed, came back to the computer. Wrote. Submit. Went back to bed. Realized I left out an important bit. Jumped out of bed, went back to the computer, edited the post. Back to bed.

So, an hour after I was supposed to be asleep, wasn't the least bit tired. Stayed up another hour and a half, then finally just turned my light off. Fell asleep sometime after. Woke up an hour *before* my alarm, feeling wide awake and mostly rested.

Insane. I should be falling over, dead tired.

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The sad thing is, though I liked it last night, upon reading it this morning I have issues with it. Rough sentences, I shouldn't have used ellipses twice (I've been using them too much lately), and I would have rather not have used two colons in the same paragraph (though that one was because I needed to remove a word to make 100). Oh well, at least I still like the idea.
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HP Plot Ponderings

I wish there weren't limits on what JKR would do in the Potter series. Since she's admitted that Hermione is a stand-in for herself, I believe that the character loses a lot of potential. I just finished reading a short fic, Footnotes
by Jennifer-Oksana. While I'm not adding it to my recs page (mostly because her Snape's voice is off), it brings up a highly interesting point.

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I'd love to see a much longer story based on that idea: Hermione being drawn to the other side (for selfish but human reasons), and ending up betraying the others. I very, very seriously doubt that JKR would ever even consider doing such a thing with her, but it seems like a believable idea.
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I am very brave or very stupid. Or both!

Though I'm bemoaning my lack of reading time for OoP, I've joined hplyric (saw the link in malecrit's LJ). It looks like a fun writing group: There's a list of members, and you send lyrics for a song to the person below you on the list. They (and you) write a story based on the lyrics (and using some of the lines).

I've been wanting to write something a little longer, but I sort of need a push to do it (yay deadlines!), so this seemed like a good thing. Now, non-musical me has to find some lyrics to send someone else. Hope the group isn't full of teens who are expecting some currently popular song. (Though a Snape fic based on that Thong Song could be... amusing? painful? scary?)

Edited to add: Well, that was easy. Found some lyrics I'd *love* to write stories for. (I can think of at least three off the top of my head!)
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Need Cash Fast?

Need some money? Then I got a deal for you! Come clean my kitchen and I'll pay you big bucks! Upwards of three dollars!

Tired, tired, tired. Ran home from work and did three loads of laundry, then sat down and did three hours of MUSH site work. Blech! I enjoy making/designing new pages, but hours of moving files and checking links just isn't much fun.

Hey, look! I have a new icon! I played with the whole image, trying to make a larger part of it work, but in the end I had to just crop it way down. It's still kinda keen though, isn't it?
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