August 9th, 2003


Saturday Morning Cartoons

It struck me as strange that it doesn't strike me as strange that I still love watching Saturday morning cartoons. I sit down at 8 and watch them until 11. When lucky (read: When I have food on hand), I have breakfast while watching.

The only way this morning could have been better would have been if I hadn't had to do laundry (and deal with a problem player on the MUSH, grr). Laundry was done from 8-9:30 though, and so now is all finished and out of the way, so that's good. I'm really getting grossed out at having to use the laundry room here in our apartment complex: Nothing like seeing what can't be anything but pubic hair on the machines, plus the machines are just dirty in general (dust and old soap and such). But it's the hair that's the worst. Blech!

I don't often describe food as "lovely", but I had some lovely cornbread muffins for breakfast. Mmmm. Love cornbread. Love how grainy it is.

Back to the cartoons!
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So *that's* where Sirius ended up!

I love Playmobil toys, especially the animals. My last purchase was a "Family Pets" set (two dogs, two cats, a parrot, and some stuff for them -- baskets, doghouse, etc). As often happens with these things, they ended up on the top of my computer with other figures and such. The pirate got a parrot, and I put one of the dogs with the wolf. A couple hours later I looked up at the newly arranged collection, and snickered. Not only do I apparently have Padfoot and Moony, just by chance I placed them right in front of Scabbers.


From left to right: Biker Ken (hey, he may be smooth, but he's dressed from head to foot in leather!), Lockhart (back), Angry Fish Girl (front), then the Playmobil pirate and parrot, then three-quarters of MWPP, and lastly a random orange cat.
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Ironside... and what else?

One of the cool things about Tivo is that it looks at what you like and don't like, and makes recommendations on other things you might like. Last night it recorded something called Ironside for me. Since I've never even once heard of the series, I almost deleted it without checking it out, but I'm glad I decided to take a look.

The first thing that hit me was the cars. It was like this was shot when I was a kid! So many old cars. So while watching, I Googled it and found out that yes, it was in fact shot when I was a very young child.

The summary I found on a site really caught my interest:

At 46, Ironside is the youngest Chief of Detectives in the history of the San Francisco Police Department. Taking his first vacation in 25 years in a remote farmhouse, Ironside is shot several times by a revengeful criminal, leaving him for dead. A bullet is lodged in his spine leaving him with irreparable damage- Ironside will never walk again. He becomes attached to the Police Dept. as a special consultant at the request of Police Commissioner Randall (Gene Lyons). ... As the original press release states: Ironside is often a man to fear, obviously a man to respect and always a man to remember.

What an amazingly cool sounding story! And the longer I watch, the more I'm liking this. What a window to the early 70s! Hairstyles, backgrounds, everything. So interesting!

So now I'm thinking, what other great shows are there out there that I've never even heard the name of? And how many good shows have been lost, never to be seen again? I'm just glad I found this one.
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Cat Pirate... by default

Now and then I see a cool picture that I just want to try drawing. Sometimes (well, often times) it doesn't come out as well as I'd like, so tonight I changed it into something else.

Since I failed to make it as close to the original as I'd have liked, I think it works better with the feline features.

Time drawing: 15 minutes for the first part (man), under 5 to add cat features.
Time scanning, resizing, uploading, etc: 55 minutes.
I think I need a faster scanner...
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