August 11th, 2003


Comic stolen from amanuensis1 for my CA friends

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Honestly? I'd vote for him long before I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger. (And would you believe that little Georgie Bush said that he thought that Arnold would make a good governor? And just why would that be, Georgie? All his political experience? Ha ha ha ha!)

(This morning's Thistle-snark brought to you by McDonalds. You deserve a break today!)

Mmm, egg sandwich and a super-sized Diet Coke. Normally I only get a medium soda and drink water after that, but I lost my waterbottle so I'm waterless at work at the moment.

I'm glad to see this week's hp100 challenge is going well. I had a moment of great panic last night: I checked my mail, then rebooted my computer. When I logged back on (five minutes later? Less?) I had about 14 LJ post-reply comments. My stomach fell. I figured that everyone was going to rant at me for the idea and using other authors' work and all that, but luckily they were good comments. (That's Thistle-thinking for ya!)

I had a very odd dream last night/early morning, remembered when I had to get up at 4 AM to clean up cat puke (nothing like hearing that hairball choking-yowling sound to get you out of bed). A couple of us, evilgrayson included, were RPing. But to RP, we were standing around a table, looking down at a big bowl-thing. Our characters were alive and all that, and acting out the RP in the bowl. Dean Thomas (minor HP character) put himself into a situation where he was going to get raped by a bull (ow ow). Then Grayson decided he was going to marry Dean. I looked up from the action and across the bowl to Grayson's player, who shrugged and said he had to let the character do what he wanted to do. (Which apparently includes marrying men raped by livestock! :P )
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Lunch (AKA: The Quest for Veggies)

Got a salad for lunch. As intended, I at least tried everything in it. Didn't really learn anything new:

Tomatoes: One thing I've actually tried to eat a couple times before. Still hate them (flavor was too strong).

Cucumbers: If I've ever had one before, I don't recall it. I was hoping they'd be like a less-salty pickle. The flavor was fine (had nearly no flavor), but the consistency made me gag after eating my third one. (Ate the first one to try it, forced the second one to see if it'd grow on me, barely finished the third one.) I wonder if I was to make my own pickles (like so many of my LJ friends currently are), would they keep their vitamins? Or would they get leeched out into the brine?

Come to think of it, their slices were really more like chunks. Maybe I could try again with thinner slices...

Lettuce: Fine and dandy. I've eaten it before, I'll eat it again. I suspect there's not much "good stuff" in it though.

So add a Diet Coke and that's lunch. Meant to grab a little bag of popcorn to take back to work, but I forgot it. (Since I ate only about half of the salad, I'm expecting to be hungry long before dinner.)


This week's hp100 drabbles. The challenge was to pick one or more sentences from a list, and write about them.

#1: A rather disturbing Draco writing a rather disturbing letter from prison.
#2: Three words: Draco's hot tub.

I'll probably do more before the week's finished.

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*pant*pant* Thistle's mailbox, "I quit!"

What a frantic LJ day!

Posts made: 6 (Two "official" (mod HP100) posts, two member HP100 posts, two personal)
Number of comments made to me and replied to: 55
Number of comments left: 100+

Good thing it's a slow work day. :P

Edited to add: Number of comments/replies that came in while I was making this post: 5!
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Yes, yes, another one

I know, I know, a lot of posts today. But this one contains a special treat! Death!

Filmmaker Vincent Gallo has shocked The New York Post by calling them to gloat about giving movie critic Roger Ebert cancer.

Since that time, Ebert has been diagnosed with the deadly disease, and Gallo got his assistant to call the paper to brag about his prediction.

His assistant reportedly told them, "Vincent just wanted to let you know that since he put a curse on Roger Ebert, he has gotten cancer."

Look at his picture and tell me you don't believe it.

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Edited to add:

Wow, this actually works and is sort of cool!

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