August 22nd, 2003


An Evening Fling

I joined a little HP 30 minute story writing group, and while this is the busiest day I've had at work in a long while, I somehow found time to get a story hacked out. (I know doing five minutes here and ten there isn't exactly what they wanted, but I didn't have much choice.)

The challenge:
Take the two Harry Potter characters you think least likely to have a fling on the floor of a classroom. Throw them together in detention and make it happen. Whether you decide to somehow make it plausible, or silly, or outrageous, is up to you. One of them can be giving detention to the other, both can be in detention, or one can be in detention and the other mocking them - it's your call.

The two least likely to have a fling? So many options! I decided on Flitwick/Mrs. Norris... Kind of.

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It's very hard to resist doing little edits after the 30 minutes are up.
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Two good Friday things

When doing tech support, sometimes you just have days like today: Everyone and their brother calls in with problems that should not be problems; everything is set up correctly and looks like it should be working, so it makes no sense that it's not. I had *three* cases like that today! Insanity! One I solved and closed quietly, one I'll need to continue with more on Monday, but the last one was really nice. The woman (who called me at 8:01 AM (the phones open at 8), and who was way way way too perky for that early in the morning) called me a "genius" and said that our company has the nicest and the fastest tech support she's ever dealt with in her life. That's always a nice thing.

(I'd believe the fastest part, our support even impresses me! We're overstaffed on support so we can be fast like that.)

The second good thing is this: Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm good. I've been staring at him for the last ten minutes or so. His shoulders are the perfect width, and I love his upper arms to death and mmm, that chest! And I love his belly/waist. Love the tattoo, though he needs to lose the necklace. Mmmm.
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Double-crossed? Cross-breed? No, it's... cross stitch!

Mostly for tersa, but anyone who is interested can check the links out.

While looking for 10+ year old fandom stuff for tiranog, I came across some of my old crafts. This was the last cross stitch project I was working on before I gave up on the whole medium. Apparently I was almost done, I just had the border left to do.

I'm tempted to take the hobby up again, and I have a number of kits I haven't even started yet. Maybe, maybe.
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