August 31st, 2003


It's like being online for the first time all over again!

*hugs Hooch!*

Downloaded and watched Spirited Away. Never saw it before. Got to see it with surround sound. Saw it with a better quality than my TV could ever match. Mmmm!

While I was watching that, downloaded four whole CDs of FFX music! YAY! (Hm, the music seems to have a lot of skips/rough spots. Wonder if it's on my end or the original file...)

I finally caught up with the world and am working towards a computer full of illegal stuff. :)

Still trying to download Pirates of the Caribbean, but that's taking forever (only 60 more hours to go!), and Photoshop (27 more hours). I have a fast connection, but the slowness is the other people. Or something like that.

*This* is why I wanted a new computer. Yay!

Edited to add: Eee! I forgot how cool the final battle/Jecht's sin theme is! I can't wait to listen to it tomorrow at a normal hour, so I can turn it way up.
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Eee! Sexy winged guys!

By way of hamburger's LJ, a link to a most wonderful "music video" (animation cut and edited to fit a song)! Even people who don't know the great anime series Escaflowne liked this video. And that it's set to 'Glory of Love', one of my all-time favorite songs, makes it even better!

Watch it for the music, watch it for the romance, watch it for the yummy guy!

Page here. Scroll down to the bottom to the 'download' section. I'd suggest clicking on the link and using 'save as' instead of playing it from there, as it has lots of pauses and stuff (bad connection on their end, plays fine when saved to your own machine).


Got Photoshop downloaded, that'll be handy. Need a darned spreadsheet program for MUSH work! PotC is at about 50%%.


I cut off the tip of my pinky finger while cutting veggies for soup. I really cannot be trusted with knives at all. Well, hopefully the soup will be worth it.


HP100 has gone insane. So many posts! I never thought I'd wish for this, but maybe next week there will be fewer drabbles posted. I just can't keep up with reading this many! Too many other things to do.
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Processed Cheese Veggie Soup

A few days ago, I posted about my recipe for veggie soup with processed cheese. Quite excitedly (see, I never learn that 'Thistle can't cool' lesson) I started it in the crock pot this morning. Eight hours later, I was dishing it out for dinner.

While it smelled good, it looked... well, not unlike vomit*. Since it was dinner, I tried it. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't really good either. The cheese was pretty icky in taste, and made these "globs" in the soup. Between that and the two cans of creamed corn, it was really nasty in texture. I ate maybe five or six spoonfuls, then threw the rest of the pot out (the recipe made about ten bowls, so I was sad about this).

I think it would have been better with just the vegetable broth and potatoes, nothing else. Well, actually the carrots weren't bad either. The corn didn't work and the cheese was yucky.

Oh well, maybe next time!

* Photo taken and downloaded/resized/uploaded mostly just to test out the process on the new machine... but you can enjoy the photo of yucky-looking soup anyway!
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