September 4th, 2003


If I owned my own company...

...I'd be a mean person and probably get sued. Why? Because I wouldn't hire anyone who smokes or has kids.

At every job I've ever held, smokers have had free rein. Not only can they take breaks as they wish (which usually meant 10-15 minutes of break for every hour or so), they cluster around doorways and other exits, so your first breath of "fresh air" as you leave the building smells awful. Here in this job, the elevator is literally one step from the door into the building. As far as I can tell, the smokers inhale, toss out their cigarettes (onto the ground), step into the building and into the elevator, then exhale. The elevator *reeks* of cigarette smoke. Grr.

And okay, not all parents are bad about this, but I'm tired of picking up the slack for the ones who are. Co-worker is home with a sick kid. She's "working from home" which is all well and good, other than our job is to answer the phone which she cannot do from home. So *I* get to do twice the work because she's home with a sick kid. And, since I don't have any spawn, it's not like we'll ever make this difference up...

Le sigh.

Grumpy morning. Bitch, bitch, bitch. It's hard getting back into the swing of not enough sleep.
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Hermione/Voldemort? Ginny/Voldemort? Ron/Voldemort?

Yep, more bad summaries!

-Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and Harry all face a new form of evil that will force them into a truce with Draco Malfoy and... Lord Voldemort. They start off on a journey in which they must learn to trust each other, finding romance along the way.

-A sadistic, yet masochistic love story between the famous Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

-Will Sirius finally reveal his inner-amorous Marauder?

-Read carefully, you might learn something.

-All [Hermione] wants is a housemate, until she gets saved from a gang of vampires by yet another vampire named Charlie, a one hundred and five-year-old girl in the body of a fourteen-year-old.

-Two 15 year old American girls step on a train...and the train changes. To the Hogwarts Express. They change too, finding they are now eleven.

-The Slayer, Harry Potter, gets a visit from his old Vampire lover, Ginny Weasley.

-Jerry Springer invites Voldemort and a few of his favorite mistresses to reveal what about the Dark Lord makes them hot

-Every Wizard and Witch in the world has to ask a GOBLET if they're allowed to get married!?! What's this? Why would they ask a GOBLET, is that what you asked? Simple, it's proper etiquette to ask your Mother for permission to get married.

-Remus and Minerva bend the laws of nature and love.

For isiscolo:
-This chapter we see Hermione encounter Seamus and Dean displaying some sort of idiotic tendencies, as well as one of them being eaten by the Giant Squid

I'm not sure if this one sounds more cute or scary:
-After receiving the horrible ransom note from Malfoy Foy-Foy, the Potterpuff gang sets off to rescue Mrs. Norris. Will they succeed?

And lastly, in a Harry Potter meets California twist:
-A movement to recall Cornelius Fudge for his incompetence...

Wow, these are so much easier to do when I'm feeling snarky. :)

Edited to add: A post in almost all-italics was really annoying to read, so I started each quoted line with a dash instead. Anything with a dash was not written by me, and I take no credit (or blame!) for it.
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People are insane. Here's proof.

This is a crazy as heck work day, so of course I'm LJ posting a lot. Don't ask me why I do that, I suspect maybe to distract me and keep me from killing myself with my stapler.

Link to news story: Man Accused of Kidnapping Neighbor's Cat, but I'll quote it here. Underlines added by me:

GILLETTE, Wyo. - Deryl Miles is accused of cat nabbing.

Miles, 55, allegedly kidnapped his neighbor's cat and held it hostage for $50 after the animal wandered into his yard.

He was arrested Tuesday on misdemeanor larceny charges for allegedly trapping the cat, named Brunswick, in a wooden shed behind his mobile home, according to court documents.

Surrounded by police, Miles called a local newspaper from his trailer and said "I've taken (the cat) legally because it was trespassing on my property."

Miles refused to release the cat, and was arrested after leading police on a brief chase around his yard, court documents stated.

The cat's owner, Leah Vader, said she called police after hearing her pet howling from the shed next door.

"You have the right to call animal control if you have an unwanted animal in your yard," she said. "You don't have the right to hold him for ransom."


I really don't know what to comment on first, other than that I'm glad I live no where near Deryl...
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"I'd like a meatball hero, hold the meatballs."

It's funny not to get an odd look when you're totally expecting one. I got a sandwich for lunch, but I wanted only the sauce and the cheese on it, so 'meatball hero with no meatballs' appeared to be the only way to order that, and the sandwich making gal didn't even bat an eyelash at me. I was muchly surprised, I expected at least smirks and snickers.

They even charged me for a "vegetarian sandwich" instead of a meatball sub, so I saved a few dollars, too. That was nice of them.

It was only hours after I ate that I realized that the meatballs sit around in the sauce, so, well, that wasn't really a good choice of meals.

Learning experience, I suppose...
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It's in my blood

The tech support person in me looks at the LJ front page and asks how many idiots will write into support, panicked at their default icon showing on it.

"The code is broken! Somehow my icon is on the front page!"

Of course they'll spell and type worse, but you get the general idea.
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