September 23rd, 2003


Preaching to the choir

Though I suspect that everyone has already read this and it's only me who's behind the times, I'm going to pimp this here anyway. If you've not yet checked out ntamara's Choosing Loyalties (scroll down past the Fractured Fairy Tales), then you're missing out! It's a highly believable AU in which Voldemort snatches Harry up just moments before Hagrid arrives to take him to Hogwarts. His feet set on a different path, Harry develops into an understandably different person. (And, in my opinion, a much much more interesting character than canon-Harry.)

Choosing Loyalties did two things that I would never have believed possible:

1) It made me go 'awwww, so cute!' over a snake. (*twitch* I don't like snakes.)

2) It made me grin and believe that Tom and Harry were meant to be together. And yes, that's totally insane. I've never, ever read Tom/Harry before because it seemed like *the* most impossible pairing in the whole series, but wow, it just really worked here.

And man, the second snake sure was cute. :)


My HP100 drabble. This week's topic was the magical, moving paintings. Mrs. Figg may be a squib, but she's got connections... and cats!

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Salazar Snape turns gay while seducing Ginny, a green-faced girl, with tentacles.

Some of the more... "interesting" summaries from the latest Chapter Owls.

* Ginny Weasley spills 6 Shrinking Potions on Snape's head, and now she has to face the consequences of her clumsiness, which involve a sponge, Malfoy and the Slytherin Quidditch team.

* Harry's a professor at Heartbroken Anonymous. What happens if Draco Malfoy shows up at one his classes one day?

* Ron crushes on a green-faced girl

* Trevor eavesdrops on Harry telling Dumbledore what happened in the graveyard, and then reminisces about a love affair he had in an Albanian forest years ago. Slash! Cross Species! And a not too bright Trevor the toad! Trevor/Voldemort

(Edited to add: This is actually a pretty good story! It had me snickering. Check it out here: Trevor/Voldemort.)

* school starts again and Harry is the new student, Salazar Snape, but where will he be sorted?

* Hermione wants Draco badly; she's desperate and kisses him. Draco's frightened and turns gay just for the cause.

* Finally, what's wrong with seducing Ginny?

* Ginny, on one random night, decides to have a little too much to drink, ending up with throwing a table off a balcony ... and then following after it so that Harry will come crawling to her. However, because of the fun of drinking, she thinks that she'll be alive at the end of her little jump. About halfway down, she notices the little discrepancy of being dead and screams ... to be rescued by ... a flying Draco.

* In which there are Seeresses, tentacles, and the barest hint of plot.

* Along comes Draco, who is working as a prostitute in Muggle London....

* Violet sustains a terrible smiling injury

* Crysta finds a Time Turner lying around.

* Harry is back at Privet Drive after his 5th year. Who's responsible for the strange happenings there? And how is Cher involved?
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Wet Dreams and other creature slashes/fics

It's really nice when bad things turn out to be good! The Trevor/Voldemort story listed in my last post was actually pretty amusing, so I checked out that author's other works.

isiscolo, this one's for you! She did a Giant Squid/Cho one: Wet Dreams

"I don't know," Cho said, blushing again. "I just feel so... so..."

"Horny for a fish?" Marietta offered.

"The Giant Squid is not a fish. I think it's a mammal or whatever an octopus is. I don't know, I can't find my copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

"Think about the fact that you are shagging something that is actually listed in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Snicker! The writing is not perfectly perfect, but it's really quite readable.

Hmmm, she appears not to have a LJ yet. Maybe I can drag her into our ever so innocent clutches!
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