September 25th, 2003


The Great California Debate

So I made a fair and honest attempt at watching the debate last night. I lasted about 15 minutes, and only a third of that time was actual debating.

Things I've learned from it:

* This is the only debate Arnold Schwarzenegger will take part in, and it's the only one where they got the questions they'd be asked beforehand. Hm, so the actor is only comfortable with a "script"? How surprised are we? (And yes, I know it's not an exact script, but in knowing the questions ahead of time, you *can* be prepared, instead of just going on what you know.)

* I really, really dislike Arianna Huffington more and more every time she opens her mouth. "Oh, the illegal immigrants need more rights! Oh, we should stop taking advantage of the illegal immigrants! Oh, we should give them all drivers licenses and free schooling! Oh, and don't call them "illegal immigrants"!" Bah.

This debate really just continued the trend of this whole recall: There's no one running that I like, and the more I hear about the people who are running, the more I dislike them. I really hope the recall doesn't pass, then Davis can thumb his nose at the whole lot of these losers. Better we stick with a crook we know than some idiot we don't know.
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Stupid webmasters!

Grrr. I hate it when a site forces a text size on you -- when they do something that disables IE's option to make the text larger and smaller. This is especially bad when they pick size 8 or size 10 fonts.

I want to read a fic, but it's in tiny little font. After three paragraphs of it, my eyes are going wonky.

Stupid webmasters, forcing me to copy and paste the entire thing into a Notepad file to read it.
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Japanese(?) candy of the night: Botan Rice Candy!

It's late, but I was cleaning my apartment and tripped over the bag o'Japanese candy (again), so decided to get another one of them out of the way. I picked a simple looking one, but there are some really interesting (and maybe yummy?) ones to do in the future.

So tonight's candy is... (drum roll) Botan Rice Candy! (Now with free children's sticker inside!) I almost suspect this is something besides Japanese, as the art style is odd. See the front? And the back? (Little blurry, sorry.) That doesn't look like Japanese to me.

Quite happily, there's a list of the ingredients! That makes my day, as (sometimes) when all the things in it are okay, it won't kill me. These have: Glucose syrup, sugar, sweet rice, water, lemon and orange flavor, and some colorings. Once I opened the box I scratched my head at there being food colorings in this, as they're rather clear... And the sticker I got is rather sucky -- a lizard of some sort riding a skateboard. (Whine! Wanted the kitty sticker!)

Oooh, photos are downloaded. Tasting is put off!

Okay, back. While these look like hard candies, they're actually very smushy. Sheesh, I wonder if they're really old or something. They're wrapped in two layers of plastic. The outer one comes off easily, but the inner one has sort of meshed with the candy itself... Having utterly failed to remove the inner plastic from that one, I'm trying a second one.

Man, this candy is determined not to be eaten by me. I finally got enough plastic off to smell it (very lemony), but even with the help of my exacto-knife, I can't get the darned plastic off enough to eat it. Trying a third one... It must be seriously old. Every time I touch the plastic it "shatters" (really, crumbles into a bunch of tiny pieces), all except where it's touching the candy. The candy is rather sticky, so the plastic remains there.

It's very vaguely the consistency of a gummy bear, so I'm just trying to pull off a little bit to taste. From what I can tell (tiny little specks of it), it seems sort of okay. Even these tiny little bits (about the size of the point of a pencil) are gluing my teeth together, so perhaps it's lucky I can't try a whole one. The flavor is hard to catch, but I'd guess slightly lemony, but also "powdery", as if it was dusted with baby powder.

After trying and failing to open the last three of them, I have to give up. For once I'm willing to try a candy, but it's not letting me! Too bad it's one of the ones that seems like it might have tasted okay (if rather sticky).
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