October 1st, 2003


Redeeming Draco

Having read two Draco/Harry stories this week, I've been thinking a lot about him. I love Snape/Harry stories, so you'd think that Draco/Harry would work for me as well, but that's not the case at all.

Unfortunately, as often happens with JKR's handling of the characters, canon Draco is very flat. He's just a bully (and a pretty poor one at that). If I may be crass for a moment, canon Draco seems to be seriously lacking in balls. He's not evil by choice (if he can be called 'evil' at all), he hasn't made the decision to be bad, he's just being a "good" little boy and following in the family's footsteps.


For me, "redeeming" Draco isn't a possibility because he's not all that bad to begin with. He's on the path to becoming a DE because he lacks a backbone. If he killed his father (or some other DE) to get higher rank within the group, then I'd buy that he was doing it actively and on his own, but I seriously doubt that'll ever happen.

Snape, on the other hand, must have truly been bad in his younger days. As a DE, he must have killed people, and with his position it makes sense that he likely made potions so that others could kill and torture as well. Even after he became a spy for Dumbledore, even after he became one of the "good guys", he had a lot to make up for. I love fics that set his feet on the road to redemption. (Though I also like stories where he's working for LV as a double-agent, stories where he doesn't *want* to be redeemed, and others.)

While Draco is a pretty boy, that's not enough to make me jump on a Draco/* ship.
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From Draco to Filch

A close-up of Filch is on today's page-a-day calendar. The caption makes me sad though: "Argus Filch, the caretaker at Hogwarts, is loathed by the students."

(Ignoring OotP) I know he's grumpy and gruff, but I have to wonder if *all* students hate him so much. Wouldn't there be at least a few sensitive ones who would smile at him now and then? Pat Mrs. Norris? Say hello in the beginning of the year? I'd like to think so. *I* would. (Yes, even when I was a kid I tended to try to cheer ever-grumpy people up. No, it didn't usually work, but even if there weren't outward signs of success, I had hoped that it makes the person feel a little better inside.)

I say 'ignoring OotP' because ... Because. I hate calling "plot hole!" and the like on JKR, but. Well. I know Filch says he wants to torture the kids, but if he really did want that, then there's no way Dumbledore would keep him around. If he's still there in the next book, my eyebrows will lift very high and I'll throw something in the direction of England. (Why would Dumbledore keep him around when he sided so openly with Umbridge?)

I keep Filch in my 'Men who really only need a hug to improve' box. He can keep Snape company in there.
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Japanese candy, dedicated to the Hogwarts Rehabilitation Center: Caplico Stick

This is for all of you people who are driving me insane with curiosity. Do you think I can really wait until tomorrow to find out what this Hogwarts: A Rehabilitated History thing is? No!

Tonight's candy could be really good or really really bad. While standing in the store, I looked at the front of the box. At first I took it to be some green tea flavored treat, then I noticed it looked like a mint leaf just over the name... but there's liquid in the cup. Well, I like mint as well as green tea, so hoping it wasn't going to combine the two flavors, I bought it.

Fast forward to tonight. I took the box out of the Japanese Candy Bag o'Doom and paused. Hm. The box felt empty! Could I have bought an opened box without noticing it? I checked, but nope, it was sealed closed. How odd... I opening it, I found that it might not be totally empty, it had some foil in it. Turns out, it was four wrapped things, but each of those felt no heavier than the foil itself should be. Very odd!

Upon opening one, I discovered that there was in fact something in the foil packages. It looked like a really skinny ice cream cone. It was so light that I figured under the green cap of foamy looking stuff it must be hollow, so I broke one open. Nope, looks like chocolate inside, but of that odd foaminess like the green cap.

The top doesn't smell like mint or any sort of tea, instead it's almost more like... plastic and paint mixed together and then sprayed with something orange scented. The chocolate part smells like chocolate, but only sort of.

Chicken that I am, I'm trying a bit of the "cone" first. Hm. Other than a strange undercurrent of mint flavor, it tastes okay. Onto the chocolate part next, and then I'll have to try the green part itself!

Arrrgaieek! How very and totally strange! Not 'ARG! GROSS!' as I thought at the first second it was in my mouth, but very, very strange. Picture this: A mug of hot chocolate, and take all the sweetness out. Add some mint extract into it. Now let it evaporate so it gets more dense, almost like a sponge but sort of a little foamy still. Stick it in a mint-flavored cone. The flavor isn't awful, but the consistency/texture is *bizarre*. It's really like chewing a drink, except that it's not wet/liquid.

Now, to try the green top... (Be brave, be brave.)

*twitch* Gah, gods. This must be the oddest thing ever created by man! The green top tastes like mint and coffee and some odd chemical all mixed together, but again it's not the taste that's the issue; it's denser than the chocolate part, it's sort of like eating a sponge or thick mold or something seriously odd and not-food-like. Ah! I put my finger (well, tongue) on the texture! It's just like that cheap fake leather stuff! So that's Caplico Sticks for you: Coffee, mint, chemical flavored fake leather, with a sponge chocolate center! Yummy!

While waiting for LJ to let me post, I offered it to my cat to see what she'd make of it. (Like Mikey, she likes and eats anything.) She turned her nose up at the green foam part, too. (I didn't offer her any of the chocolate.)
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