October 6th, 2003


Blaise Zabini happens to be a half dragon genetically designed super soldier.

Summaries! Some silly and some odd, but most just plain bad.

* What would you do if you were a genetically designed super soldier? If you were expected to spend the first twenty years of your life in intense training? Would you escape? That's what Bryan did...just in time to receive his Hogwarts letter...

* Fenix finally woke up to find that she's having a fever and thought she would die with embarrassment when her partner or Snape refused her request to wash...

* Voldemort is back and romance is in the air.

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Big Bad Wolf


There's not a day that goes by without LJ problems. I shouldn't have renewed my paid membership, but the idea of moving onto "slow" servers scares the poopoo out of me. (If what I'm experiencing is "fast", then "slow" must be 'an LJ employee shows up at your house and stabs your cat in the eye'.)

tiranog, for lord knows what reason, I cannot post a comment in your LJ. It acts like it goes through, but it never really shows up. I can successfully post comments in other LJs (and they even show up!), so I think there's something odd going on.

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And if the comment eventually shows up in your LJ multiple times, I'm sorry. Feel free to delete at will.
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So Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Barbara Streisand called me tonight...

No joke! After spending three long hours at the eye doctor today (gah) and hundreds of dollars there (double-gah!), I came home to the three of them on my answering machine. Okay, so it was three recorded message-calls from them telling me to vote no in the recall, but it was still amusing.


I found a new anime series that I really, really like. (This is sort of funny, as in the past people who are really into anime made me twitch. Right, Punch? ;) ) The Get Backers. Yes, it's true that it's full of sexy characters, but the storyline is great, too!

Tell me he's not sexy. (And heck, I'd buy him as Sirius Black, too.)
More of him!
And another. This is that pointy-nose type of anime, as in Escaflowne.

The other main character. I can see how people might think he's cute, but he's not my type at all.

The two main characters together.
And again.

Random sexy woman. I've only seen the first ep, so we haven't met her yet. She's in the intro though, so she'll be a main character.

As the title implies, the Get Backers can get anything that has been lost or stolen back. They also have super powers -- sort of: each one has one power. The blond creates electricity from within himself, and the black haired one has funky psychic/illusion powers.


miscellanny wrote me a Filch/Peter/Mrs. Norris drabble for me! Here. Isn't that cool?
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