October 17th, 2003


Buy a big bright green pleasure machine!

Snatched from tersa, it's a fun Friday Five!

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.

2% milk (which is old and should be dumped before it turns solid), bottled water, a case of Diet Coke, a can of whipped cream (which I'll likely never use, because it's heavy cream and tastes funny), snow cone syrup.

2. Name five things in your freezer.

Half a box of chickenless chicken nuggets, boxes and boxes of of mac&cheese, frozen "fresh" pasta (ha ha! Not so fresh after being in my freezer for months, are you?), a bag of pork chops I'm holding onto until I can give away, and one of those blue "ice" (chemical) packs for putting on assorted owey places.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.

Dust, unopened packages of paper plates, stacks of those disposable plastic containers, cat fur, dish soap.

4. Name five things around your computer.

(Here at work) A two-week old pear (I need to eat it today or toss it -- I've said this for about a week now), my Harry Potter page-a-day calendar, an opened can of Diet Coke, a stack of napkins, and a ziploc baggie of assorted nuts and dried fruit.

(Home) A larger pile of napkins (good as napkins, tissues, and occasionally as blindfolds -- okay, not really that last one), Playmobil pirate and his bird and other items (sword, grog, gun), a baggie of dried papaya (mmmmmm), my cat (or failing the actual cat being there: her fur), and assorted drugs (aspirin, Tums, daily vitamin, crack, etc).

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

(I don't have a cabinet, so we'll make that 'medicine drawer'.) Bandaids, contacts container, first aid cream, laxatone (cat med), and a pen.

Wheee, that was fun, wasn't it? And the subject line is another lyric-line -- it hadn't been the one I was looking for, but who could resist a big, bright green pleasure machine?


Edited to add: Wow, I get the oddest spam:

Dear Sir,

Good afternoon . how are you doing ? I hope there is no problem.
Please permit me to tell you my name . I am lizy by name , I write to
know if you will able to help me out . This is all about money left by
my late father before he died . I am under stress for now and need an
assistance from you or anybody which you may suggest for me . I send this
mail with the help of someone . This is while i do not disclose the nature of the
business before. I need this business urgent and secret done with. please i will
send to you my pictures to you and will also need to know you in person before
i will do things with . I plead to stop so far.

thank you.

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I have Draco on my chest, and no one has noticed

Been a darned slow day on my flist. How do you people expect me to get through my 10 hour work day if you all don't post and keep me entertained?

I'm wearing my FA Draco shirt today. I was intending never to wear it to work, but I have no t-shirts left and on Fridays we can wear them, so I gave in. I was expecting to have to dance around the whole slash idea over and over all day, but no one has even given me a second look. Hrump! It's Draco! On my chest! He's sexy! Look, silly cow-orkers!

I was planning on going shoe shopping at lunch today (blech), but I was feeling like crap so I didn't. I wanted to just go home and die for 45 minutes, but I had to go buy some stuff related to that crappy-feeling, so I went to the pharmacy instead. Since I had to half re-pierce my ears last night, while I was there I got el cheapo earrings to stick in the holes till they heal. I enjoy pulling on them and trying to stretch/open the hole. Does that make me strange?

I should find some fic to read, or work something up for HP100. HPsquick100 scares me this week, so I don't think I'll be writing for that. (Though as I'm typing this, half-ideas are tingling in my head. Hmmmm.)
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