October 20th, 2003


By the dawn's early light

Like a good little American, I set my clock back on Saturday night. It's nice doing it in the fall, since we get an extra hour of sleep. ...What's that you say? It's next weekend we set the clocks back? Oops. I learned that Sunday morning, when I investigated why my computer clock didn't change. (Sorry XP, this time I blamed you for something that wasn't your fault.)

Spent most of the day on Sunday with tersa. Went out to lunch at a nice salad place, watched Bend It Like Beckman (which I liked a lot, especially since soccer is the only sport I enjoy watching), and sampled her "moo-less chocolate pie" -- chocolate pie made with tofu! Quite surprisingly, it was really, really good. It tasted like chocolate and nothing else.

tersa knitted me a Slytherin scarf! Woo woo! I'm going to take and post photos of it tonight (didn't have time last night).

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Late last night I got my hp100 drabble written. Another uninspiring challenge week, IMO, but happily I came up with an idea.

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Big Bad Wolf

The rabid fangirls of rabid (were)wolves.

Bored, I've been reading my friendsfriends list a whole lot today. People (with Sirius/Lupin icons, I've noticed) are going insane about the reports saying that the movie Lupin will be transforming monthly into a nine-foot tall scary beast. They're quoting the books to "prove" Lupin in fact turns into a normal sized/shaped wolf, just a little rabid around the edges.

WHAT?! What part of WOLF don't they understand???? Lupin does not turn into some freaky half-human two-legged walking beast! He turns into a werewolf. Have they NOT read the books???

Now, other than them wanting the whole Padfoot/Moony angle, I don't get this argument. 1) If he was turning into just a normal wolf and not some monster, don't you think JKR would have mentioned that in the books? Since "tall, two-legged, hairy monster" is the werewolf norm, if it was something different wouldn't that get a mention? But the more important is: 2) JKR has a big hand in all of the movies, does she not? She approves the scripts, she's on-hand, etc. Her book-writing has been delayed by the amount of time she put into working with the movies. If she did not want Lupin to be the monster kind of werewolf, think she'd just shrug, say "meh", and wander off to hit on Alan Rickman?

Bah. Take a chill-pill, ladies.
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The Slytherin Scarf!

The great and talented tersa knitted me a Slytherin scarf! Either my camera is acting up or my monitor is off -- if the colors in the pictures look odd to you, it's totally on my end. The scarf is Slytherin green and a nearly silver grey (very pretty!).

Picture 1 - It's so long (seven and a half feet!) I had a hard time finding somewhere to display it, so it's hung up on the (covered) vacuum.

Picture 2 - The colors are better in the first picture, but this one shows the whole thing.

Picture 3 - Just a little bit of it, to try to better show the colors.

Not only is it really long, it's very, very warm (I almost wish we got snow here so I could wear it for more than a moment!). It's knitted in a tube, so there are really two layers of it.

tersa: If you want larger pictures of it, let me know. I have a shot of the tassals, too. I can also try taking pictures out in the sunlight and see if that captures the colors better.
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