October 22nd, 2003


They like me, they really like me!

Apparently we're doing something fun here at work. I say 'apparently' because I first learned about it when I returned from the bathroom to find a bag full of Halloween goodies on my desk.

For some odd reason, even finding good things on my desk makes me suspicious, so even before sitting down and opening it, I glanced around to see if other people had bags on their desk, too. Nope, just me. Hmmmm.

So I sat and opened it. Eee! Such fun stuff! A cute little plastic pumpkin, four giant spiders (two hot pink!), some wall decorations, and a ton of candy (mmm, Kit Kats!). So why was it just me getting this? I noticed a piece of paper in the bag. "You've been struck!" it announced in a blood-dripping font. "You have 72 hours to leave bags of goodies for at least two of your co-workers. Include this note with the treats, and hang up the 'You've been struck!' sign so people know you've already been hit..."

So last night I went shopping so I could make up some goodie bags, and I delivered them this morning. Now I'm starting to see the 'you've been struck' signs going up on cubes, so what's that mean? I must have been one of the first people to have been struck! Maybe that means someone likes me more than most everyone else! (Or maybe they just know that I'm responsible and won't drop the ball and let the game die...) Yes, I'm shallow enough to be pleased by the idea of someone picking me (me me me!) over everyone else.

This is such an exciting idea/game! I just hope I haven't hurt anyone's feelings with my choices on who to leave bags for. (If I knew who left me a bag, I would have given them one for sure.) It really brightened my (crappy) day yesterday. I hope the trend continues until everyone here gets one! And spread the fun, think about starting this at your work place, too!
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Be smarter than me!

For some unknown reason, I passed over this link the many times I saw it posted today. A Snape music video, set to 'I'm Too Sexy'. I'm not sure why I kept passing up on it, I guess I figured it would be a half-assed job and mostly suck. But it's not! It's funny and great, and the timing is just amazing -- Snape walks down the "catwalk" in time to the music, and even his eyes move in time to it when he glances aside, such good work! And watch it a couple times to make sure you catch all the professors' expressions.

Be smarter than me! Don't pass up this link!

Edited to add: Is anyone else not getting the LJ emailed notices about posted comments? I seem to be getting maybe 1 in 10 that I should be getting...
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Killing two birds with one scarf...

Everyone at work is supposed to dress up for Halloween. Very few people actually do it (I've never done it), but... you know, it could be an excuse to wear my Slytherin scarf! If I go out and find a pointed witch's hat, I could wear it with it. The problem is, then they'll want to take pictures of me and make me stand in front of the whole company, and that makes me go "OHMYGODNONONONONONONO!".

However, on the other hand, I really want to wear my scarf out in a public place...

Decisions, decisions.
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