October 25th, 2003


Windows closed, blinds drawn

It's going to go up to 95 degrees today (how insane is that?), so I closed all the windows to keep the cool nighttime air in, and shut the blinds to keep the sun out. I'm sitting in the dark. As soon as the last cartoons are over, I'll be turning off the TV and watching movies and such on my computer.

Is this nearly November or mid-August?
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Kuala Lampur

Heat, all kinds of heat!

Three kinds, to be exact!

1) Temperature-heat: At 5 PM it was still 90 outside, so I gave and turned the AC on. It was very nice, I should have done it sooner. Now, at nearly 7, it's 83 out. I'll open the windows soon. (I bet you're hanging on the edges of your seats, waiting for minute-to-minute updates on my temps! Hee.)

2) Fire-heat: I watched Reign of Fire again today. I saw it in the theater, but that was long enough ago for me to have forgotten most of the "plot". Or maybe forgetting was a defensive move...

Gods above, did the plot suck. There were more holes than plot itself. Collapse ) idea made me want to bang my head against my desk and scream "No no no no!". And I half-think that the goal of the makers of this movie was to make the rest of the world hate America even more. Gods, could they have made the Americans look any worse? But... the dragons were cool and it was worth watching it for them and the other special effects. I might even watch it again sometime.

3) Heat-pressure. I'm filling this out so as to not let webbapettigrew down! (Or to remain predictable, one of the two.) Collapse )
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Kill Bill bad, Gardenburger BBQ (not) chicken good(?)

Since some people had said Kill Bill was good, I attempted to watch it tonight. Ugh. It was about as close to my definition of "good" as murder by a pickaxe is. I watched it for a half-hour to give it a fair chance, then gave up on it. In those 30 minutes I saw these oh-so-logical and Collapse )

For dinner I tried Gardenburger's non-chicken BBQ chicken patties. I think they were good, but it was really hard to tell. The BBQ sauce was that kind that's so strong and tangy that you literally can't taste anything else after it, so I have no idea if the chicken tasted good or not. It's amazing how they can make it look so much like chicken though -- it "flakes" just right. I over-microwaved it, which also didn't help. I have one more patty left in the box, I'll probably eat it some time. (If I don't, it'll be because of the BBQ sauce, not because of the chicken/soy.)

It's amazing they can make such a good fake meat out of soy. It reminds me of the food replicators on Star Trek, and it also makes me wonder why more people aren't eating it. If it can pass for meat, and it's much better for you than meat, and from what I've seen so far it's the same price as meat...
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