November 2nd, 2003


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* On my third attempt to get into HBO's Carnivale, I'm finally having some success. It's not the type of show you can multi-task during, which makes it hard for me (Little Miss Short-Attention-Span). However, having watched three eps of it so far today, I find it to be really nicely Stephen King-esque. Tons of supernatural, lots of visions from god (and perhaps other supernatural beings), lots of meandering storylines. It's interesting, it's just really really slow and wandering. And oddly, lots of the music is really close to what they used in the The Stand miniseries.

* As I mentioned a few days back, I got the Quidditch World Cup game. It's not bad. Not amazingly great and wonderful and magical, but it's fun. However, if I wasn't a HP fan, I'd be bored out of my mind -- it's the extras and the little bits of "video" that makes it worth it, the game itself is pretty boring.

The game is amazingly easy (which is much better than hard, in my opinion). I've had four matches so far. (I'm playing Slytherin, of course.) I won them all, and caught the snitch each time:

Against Ravenclaw: 280-0
Against Hufflepuff: 590-0
Against Gryffindor: 310-10

Having beaten each of the Hogwarts houses, I can now enter the World Cup as some country.

* For Stephen King fans: Wolves of the Calla (the next book in the Dark Tower series) comes out on Tuesday. Woo!

* Animal Crossing: I think I've finally killed off my desire to play. I spent almost six whole hours without a break to try to complete the Halloween task, and even with all that time and a massive supply of in-game items needed for it, I failed. It was so not fun after the first hour or so, but darned it, I wanted to complete the task. Now I hate it and I never want to see it again.

* For anyone with an account or stuff on Catlove: It has been down all weekend. The hosting company claims "hardware issues". I've gotten no email since it went down, so if you're waiting for a reply that's why.

Oh well, time for the next Carnivale ep.
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Japanese commercial, HP drabble

I've not had time to get a Japanese candy review up lately (I still have a few left to do), so tonight I have a something to make up for it!

A strange-as-heck Japanese commercial! (rightclick -> save target as; file zipped, a 2 MB download) It's for some game I never heard of, combined with McDonalds.

I have a whole collection of Japanese gaming/food commercials, so I might post more another day.


This week's HP100 drabble. The challenge was to write about books/shows/entertainment of the wizarding world.

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