December 15th, 2003


My brain is broken, my brain is broken, la la la la la la!

Lord, I don't know what's wrong with me. Bedtime on worknights is 11 PM, and I turn my lights off no later than 12. So last night 12 rolls around and I'm wide awake. Bouncing even. It's not caffeine or sugar or anything like that, since I avoid those things after dinnertime. 1 AM hits, and I'm still Wide Awake. Gah. 2 AM. Bouncie! Awake! Should do something! (me: Sleep, you idiot!) Finally at 2:30 I turn my lights off, but I'm still wide awake. Sometime after 3:30 I fell asleep.

Now you'd think with so little sleep that I would stay asleep until my alarm went off (6:30), right? Nope. Hour before it: Awake! Woo! Time to get up yet? Sleep a few minutes. Awake! Wow! It's morning! Let's get up up up!

I swear, I have a hyperactive two-year old in my brain.

During that whole not-sleeping time in bed, I plotted out a slash story. See, this is really silly as I've never written actual slash and I think I'd suck at it, but it amused me last night. PoT characters. Evilly playful!Fuji ("I enjoy seeing people suffer!")/Momo. I really love PoT. So many guys, so many potential pairings, and it's all so canon.

Boy, I'm really tired. Oh well, time to do work.
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Hex-post -- numbered just for you!

1) Post office (on Mary, for local folks) was a madhouse. Line was about 30-40 people long, and it took about that many minutes to get one package mailed. A nice lady gave me a candycane though, and there were many very sexy Asian guys on line and otherwise in the general area. Mmm. Had to resist licking random men.

2) Love In&Out grilled cheese sandwiches. I didn't really have time to go after the post office, but made time and was late getting back, but it was worth it since I was hungry as heck.

3) Ate as fast as I could in the car while driving back. Tummyache. But man, was it yummy. Love their pickles.

4) luminata: The Whistle! download finally finished last night! Woo! The painful thing: My computer crashed *four* times during the last 95% of the download. That's four of those "checking existing data" things on the massive file. 10+ minutes each time. I don't think it could be just me since my machine isn't exactly weak, but I can't do anything else when it checks existing data on giant files. Slows everything down to a halt. Anyway, just need to get a few more of the higher eps, then I'll have them all. Woo! I'd like to start checking them out tonight, but I really should finish some things before starting a new series...

4a) Have almost all the PoT eps downloaded. Need a few in the 90s, and any in the 100s that are translated. (I don't think they're up to there yet?)

4b) Fullmetal Alchemist should be done by the time I get home. Woo! Woo!

5) Three hours until I can go home. Can't wait.

6) Alas, kitty went downhill after improving yesterday. I hate it that every time I take her to the vet for one thing, she ends up sick with something else. She now has diarrhea (from the stress, I think). Last time she had diarrhea, it lasted nearly three months before we succeeded in getting rid of it! Poor kitty. Other cats can take the change of going out of the house and seeing strange humans at the vet, why can't mine? It's almost like she's picking that "Oh no! We're not going OUTSIDE, are we?! And seeing people?!" dislike up from me, which would be possible but odd.
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Was supposed to have a dresser delivered between 6-8 tonight. Got home at 5 and waited, just to be safe. 7:50 get a call that they're not coming. Grump, grump. Be dependable, people!

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