December 17th, 2003


TeniPuri ate my brain, and ROTK has eaten my flist

I'm glad everyone enjoyed ROTK. I really have no interest in seeing it, and I'm somewhat amused that it's almost the only thing talked about on my flist today. (I've never so quickly read through my flist before! Skim, skim, skim.) I can't complain about it though, as all you HP folks on my flist are probably sick of me talking about Prince of Tennis or whatever my anime of the day is.

And speaking of that...

I had another TeniPuri/PoT dream last night. We (the guys and I) were all up in Maine looking for a house to buy and live in together. EEE! Could you imagine how great that'd be?

I brought the musical soundtrack to work today. It's interesting hearing it without the video; I thought I wouldn't enjoy it since it's in Japanese and without the visuals I'd be totally lost, but nope. It's great and wonderful. I'm curious as heck about so much in it though! What's the song Echizen sings a couple times? The one with the bit of English 'I'm always number one' and something about 'smash and receive'? He sounds so sad in it! Makes me want to find him and hug him lots. But my biggest question is, why does Inui dream about Fuji and Eiji playing a game?

I watched only one more ep last night after my post. They're still in the middle of a big tournament. (Yawn.) I wish they'd handle the games a little differently; thus far it's always the same: Freshmen: "Oh my god! The other team is so good! We'll never beat them!" Seigaku starts out losing. Oh no! It's getting really bad! But look, Seigaku comes back in the end and wins! (Yawn.) There was a match, the one where Kaidoh and Inui were doubles partners for the first time, that the outcome didn't seem sure for. That game was exciting to watch! I actually paid attention to it! Why don't the writers realize that not knowing the outcome makes it more interesting?

Oh well. I'm not watching it for the tennis, after all. ;)

Edited to add: Anyone know what "gaki" means? I'm assuming it's Japanese, but online translators don't recognize it.
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Nice meme

By way of kirbyk:

--If you have 1-5 people on your friends list, say something about the 3rd person.
--If you have 6-20 people on your friends list, say something about the 11th person.
--If you have 21-75 people on your friends list, say something about the 21st person.
--If you have 76-150 people on your friends list, say something about the 83rd person
--If you have 150+ people on your friends list, say something about the last one.
--If you are the third, eleventh or twenty first person on your list, choose the next person.
--If you read the answers, you are compelled to do this meme and post it on your LJ or a puppy will die

I have 149 folks, so here are my four nice things to say!

#3 aberdeen (who was kirbyk's third friend, too!) - aberdeen is a brave soul who lives and teaches up in Alaska. I always look forward to her posts and the glimpses they give into life up there.

#11 batratblue - If I could trade lives with someone, I would seriously consider batratblue (if only he didn't have such a tendency to hurt himself!). Part of the reason I moved to California was to meet and be closer to the GarouMUSH crew, batratblue included. He has experience in tons of areas, and helped me learn a lot of stuff -- little of which I've continued with, but all of which I still appreciate knowing.

#21 daltontrix - Hee, Dalton made his way onto this list! But what nice things could I say about him? ;) Okay, for serious: He's not only a great and wonderful MUSH staffer, he's a creative and interesting guy! He's dependable and smart enough that when he's logged onto the MUSH, I don't worry so much about it.

#83 milkthistle - My thistle-sib! (Or is it thistle-dinner?) Heh heh heh. milkthistle is the only person in the whole world that I ever wrote poetry to over and over and over again (Wooing/threatening poetry, no less!). She's oodles of fun and a good sport. :)

(Note: This meme said only that you have to say something about those numbered people, but I like it better as *nice* somethings. Use nice or not, as you please!)
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Scare and be scared

Usually I don't post about my PoT watching till the end of the night, but this time I have to make an exception.

Ep #61, in which we meet the sadist and the masochist...

I'll go in order of events happening in the ep instead of in order of 'OH MY GOD, HE *IS* INSANE!'.

#1: Taka, Taka, you little girl, you're carrying a flame for Akutsu, aren't you? Go ahead, admit it. It's obvious. You want to win for him. He abuses the hell out of you, mocks you in public, does everything but spit on you, and you like him, huh? I suppose that fits, I could totally see your non-BURNING self being in some sort of relationship where your mate abuses the living hell out of you... Sheesh, man. Sheesh.

#2: Oh my god, someone hide me. Fuji is batshit insane, isn't he? He wants to play with the bloodstained tennis racket? I understand what you're trying to do for Taka, but that's scary as all hell, man.

Hee! While googling to make sure I had Akutsu's name spelled right, I noticed this:

First sponsored link. That explains so much...

Back to watching!

Edited: To correct ep number. 61, not 60.
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