December 19th, 2003


Eggs, Screenshots

Anyone know if eggs have to be used by the date printed on the carton? Or is that the date they need to sell them by? I never eat eggs fast enough, now I have a half-dozen of them with today's date printed on it...


Screenshot of the night!

(Unless you watch PoT, these probably won't be too amusing. Sorry!)

The Winner! -- I ♥ Inui!

Runner-up. -- "..."

Also, the Jyousei matches got slightly more interesting at the end. I don't know what it says about me, but I sort of enjoyed seeing Echizen getting beaten up by the ball. Him on the ground, cuts on his face... flat on his back... sprawled on his stomach... Mmm, dirty old woman, am I!
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My OTP, with chibi-fied proof!

It's taken 88 eps, but I finally not only have my OTP decided, I have proof it exists! (As if you need proof of any pairing in TeniPuri...) Inui/Kaidoh! I loveloveloved this second chibi ep (or half-chibi, anyway)! Eee! Circus tennis players! Police! The Case of Inui's Missing Glasses! Eee! Way, way too cute; I was in danger of dying from an OD of cuteness.

But the proof! Here: Who is the only person looking at naked Inui? That's right, Kaidoh! (Work-safe, no nudity seen...alas.)

Hee! The more I look at that, the more I giggle. I wish they'd do a whole chibi PoT series! Eee!
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