December 25th, 2003


Merry Christmas, folks!

Merry Christmas to those who follow that, Happy Thursday to everyone else!

I spent the morning opening boxes and unwrapping gifts. My family (mother and sister) went way overboard and shipped *six* boxes of gifts to me! Ack! Since I don't need anything and want very little, they really sent too much. :) I always feel guilty about making them shop for me -- not just because they spend too much money, but because I'm a really, really sucky person to shop for.

Her: "Hey, Thistle, I'm doing Christmas shopping today, what do you want?"
Me: "Oh, nothing. I really have enough. But thanks!"

Her: "Hey, what do you want this year?"
Me: "No, nothing, I don't really need anything! Don't worry about it!"

Which makes for a challenge for them to find things for me. Understandable, but I was serious! But they found me nice things anyway, lots of kitchen stuff.

And the odd, ill-timed things they sent? I have only myself to blame. Years and years ago I liked Pokemon, but my family doesn't really know I don't like it anymore, so I cringed as I opened packs Pokemon cards. *snicker*. And I got some Harry Potter stuff... but all Gryffindor! Snerk. I have a wall plaque to welcome people to the Gryffindor house. Eek!

Best of all, they sent gifts for my cat, which made me quite happy. She, however, thinks the boxes are the greatest gifts of all. Hee. Oh, and my sister sent me an old fashioned stovetop popcorn maker (you have to turn a handle as it cooks to stir it all around!). That's cool. I used it this morning -- it makes enough popcorn to feed an army! I ate maybe a tenth of what it produced and I'm stuffed.

Oh, and marzipan! MMMMMMMM. As far as I can tell, it's not sold out here on the west coast. The only time I get any is when my mother sends it in my Christmas boxes. Man, there is no better food on Earth than marzipan. Mmm. Think I'll have more now!

An odd thing happened last night and this morning: Church bells rung! 11:30 PM last night and about 7:30 this morning. I don't think we even have a church around here and I never heard them any other year. I'm afraid god is trying to send me some sort of message... or perhaps he's trying to keep me awake, one of the two.
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Candy, Candy

No, the subject line doesn't refer to what I've been eating all day. I've been doing more of my random anime downloading, and in doing so I've come across odd things.

'Candy, Candy: the Movie' is one of them. Candy, a blonde, beautiful, smart, outgoing, talented (getting the drift?) 12 year old girl is an orphan. Everyone else was adopted long ago, except beautiful, talented, wonderful, sunny, gorgeous Candy. (Seriously, they could not have made her any prettier if they tried.) All the nuns who run the orphanage love her... yet somehow after years and years and years, she was never adopted. Okay, right, whatever. So one day she gets adopted, but basically it's just to be a victim for the family's bully daughter and wussy son. Oh, and as a servant for the family, too. So after much bullying and abuse, she runs off and meets "the Rose Prince". She's crying her eyes out, he calls her "crybaby-san", she falls in love. More abuse from the adoptive family, then she and Mr. Rose Prince live happily ever after. It was like a really, really bad fairy tale.

It didn't help that the video quality was horrible, and I was left scratching my head over the subtitling. Do Japanese infants really cry in a different language than English ones? Japanese squirrels demand translation, too!

Other things watched:

- Ten eps of Whistle!. Loving it muchly. Can't wait to get to know more about some of the characters, especially Shige and Fuwa. It's sort of strange to be watching a series with no slashy overtones, but in this case that's fine. Even though about sports, this is a different sort of a series than PoT or Dear Boys.

(Funny, while Googling to confirm that I had Fuwa's name spelled correctly, I came across a lot of bad reviews for Whistle!. I wonder if anime is harder to review/judge than, say, movies. For movies or books, you can say "it's horror" or "it's drama" and judge it that way, but anime seems not to fit into such narrow slots... Hm, not sure.)

- Two more eps of Wolf's Rain, bringing me up to eight of them watched. One day I'll either get hooked on the darned series or give it up and finally delete it.

I've not had time to check out a couple things I downloaded, including something called Mermaid's Garden and another called Discipline (which is supposed to be funny, despite its title).

Since this is a long weekend and I thought I might get bored, I grabbed some "normal" movies as well. RotK (not great quality, but watchable), Pitch Black (mmm, Vin), and Bend it like Beckman (saw once and loved it, been wanting to see it again).

Oh, and I want to track down a series called Wild Striker, which is also about soccer and supposedly even better than Whistle!.

...and I really, really want to find some real soccer to watch. Seeing it in Whistle! reminds me of how much I really love the sport. I cannot understand how people who watch baseball and (American) football can call soccer boring. The guys run and play hard for two whole hours! Not any of this baseball "run a few feet, stop, yawn, scratch your ass, then maybe run a few more feet" crap. And football? six points for making one goal? What sort of crap is that? One goal = one point. Or what, do football people think they work six times as hard to get a score as any other sport?

RL people I know once mocked soccer because the score often ends up as 1-1 or 1-2 or low numbers like that. Why? In soccer, it's hard to make a goal, and a high score doesn't necessarily mean the game is better or more interesting! Grrr.
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PSA: Images moved

I took the time tonight to move all of the images out of my temp screenshot folder (/neoss), watermark them, and move them to their permanent home. Every screenshot is gone from that folder, other than the Candy Candy ones I posted earlier today.

I'm posting this heads-up because I know some folks have linked to them in the last couple weeks -- you should update your links or you'll get a 404.

Please note: Linking to these images is fine and dandy (using 'A HREF' tags), but "hot-linking" (using the 'IMG' tag to make the image itself appear on your site) is not nice.
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Series Rec: Someday's Dreamer

Though I'm not too far into the series yet (which contains 12 eps so far), I'm really enjoying it. The story is both interesting and sweet:

Set in the Japan of today, there are a few humans who can do magic (mages). One young girl is sent by her famous mage mother to be taught to use her magic. She's very shy and unsure of herself (alone in the city for the first time), but her teacher is nice (and I'd put money on gay). However, even though the male teacher and one of his male former students clearly have something going on, that's really not the focus of the story. It does lead to some interesting conversations though...

Collapse )

The funny thing is, as I was watching the first ep and saw the first guy topless, I said to myself 'Isn't it nice to see a series where the men actually have nipples', then a moment later the "Owner! Your nipples are fully exposed!" scene started. Snicker.

ETA: I got distracted and forgot to add the other parts I was thinking about: The series is especially cool in that you get a look at what modern Japanese cities are like, shops and streets and such. Plus the music is nice (if nothing overly special yet), but the animation is really pretty. If you get a chance to see it, I'd recommend it!
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