January 5th, 2004


Welcome back to work: Die die die

Nice start to the work day:

1) Not a single drop of milk in the whole building, so no breakfast! (I bring in cereal and add the milk here.)

2) Idiot cow orker's music. "And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will aaalllllllwwwwaaaaaays love yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Gods, I hear that song many times a day, every damned day. He listens to this stupid "easy listening" station, and it plays THE worst music ever. *I* use headphones when I listen to music, but does he? Nooooo. If he did, that god-awful song wouldn't be stuck in my head all the time. I should play my music without using headphones just to get back at the idiot. Why can't people be considerate? Why are there so many assholes around me? Why can't I stay at home and never have to deal with anyone face-to-face ever again? (Oh, because I need to earn a living, right...)

Stupid no-milk-having, idiot cow orker Mondays...
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Go ahead, make me feel stupid.

I don't think I'm a stupid person; sometimes I make a mistake or a questionable decision, but usually I don't think I'm the slowest goat in the herd. That being said, Go makes me feel very, very stupid. :) It's a fun, challenging game (perhaps the most challenging non-physical game I've ever encountered), and I'm having a hoot playing it.

http://kgs.kiseido.com has a great tutorial for it (link on the left). The rules are really simple, but when you play the game... wow! It's sort of like Chess in that you have to plan and think ahead, but I feel like I have to think much, much further ahead than I ever did in Chess.

So if you want to have some fun, stretch your brain a bit, and learn an ancient game, go check Go out!

(I feel like I'm writing a high school essay or something...)

Grade 7

ETA: Overheard coversation, two guys talking across the hall from me. They're pointing to a whiteboard, but I can't see what's on it.

Man 1: So this guy here, he's to big for any hole...
Man 2: Uh huh. And this one?
Man 1: He fits, so let's move him in and put him in the first guy's position.
Man 2: Then we'll need to find a bigger hole for that first guy...

Snicker. It's about circuits or boards or something, but still! Hee.
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Sleepy Ken

*Now* I think of it...

Since I've been watching TV all night (Fear Factor, Las Vegas, now this new Average Joe show), I should have spent my time burning CDs. Bah. Why didn't I think of that two hours ago? Now I'm too sleepy to do it. And I like that Las Vegas show, other than it scares me because I get into the Elvis music. Elvis! Ha. Heehee.

I did that Tarot Meme thing that's currently going around. How funny that I got The Hermit? "The Hermit often suggests a need for time alone - a period of reflection when distractions are limited..." I'm not going to add the graphic in here, since you've probably already seen it many times on your flist.

Thanks to a link from metron_ariston, I ordered a bunch of TeniPuri things from http://www.animate-usa.com. He goes to Japan and buys stuff, then brings it back to the US to sell it -- thus postage is *totally* reasonable. ...well, I submitted an order at 8 this morning, but he's not replied back with a total yet, so I can't Paypal him money. Arg! I want my stuff! Notepads, two clips for my backpack (Kaidoh and Inui!), and six or seven other things. But dude! I need to send you money so you can send me my stuff! Please! I want it now!

I watched five or six Hikaru no Go eps tonight. I like Sai a lot -- while he's highly girly, he's also very cute and childish. I feel the need to grab him and drag him around, showing him all sorts of new things that he can oooh and aaaaah wide-eyedly over. The last ep I watched annoyed me though: Every Single Character ended up crying in the end. Well, not every, but five or six of them, and all boys except for one girl. Dudes, it's a game. Yeah, you like it, but *everyone* should not cry over it!

I noticed a switch in my Hikaru no Go watching. Yesterday and earlier I wanted to see less of the Go matches and more character stuff; tonight I got annoyed when the "camera" panned away from the board and showed the characters. Gah! I need to see how a good game goes! Because man, I seriously suck! I played five games against the computer tonight, and only won one (and I think that was more luck than anything). Such a challenging game.

Very, very sleepy, and it's only 10:15. *yawn*
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