January 13th, 2004


Naruto Yaoi Game?

Not exactly work-safe, but I stumbled upon this by accident:


That's some nice art there. I'm really tempted by this... I wonder if the whole game is that nice? Man, even shipping and handling is reasonable ($4).

Wow, looking at the extra screen shots... wow. The second from the last one especially... (And these are SO not work safe, so be warned.)

Five hours until it ends. I think I may have to try for this one. I think I will! Yay!

...well, try for it assuming I'm still awake in six hours. Awful, awful night last night. I didn't sleep for more than 20 minutes at any one time. My head/nose/throat were stuffy as heck, and I think that made it worse. At 2:30 AM I felt like I had been in bed for *years*, so just got up and wandered around the apartment until I got cold and went back to bed (yet stayed awake). Not fun.
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A winner is me! A winner is you!

Yay! I won the Naruto yaoi game! I paid a lot more for it than I was planning on, but when someone out-bid my initial max bid I got annoyed and went higher. Heh. Well, hopefully I can still make my way through the game even without knowing Japanese. (And in deciding to up my bid, I figured I could probably BT the game so others could try it, too. The seller is only selling me a copy of the game anyway, and the company who made the game is out of business, so I have no problem with doing that.)

A winner is you! Or at least if you're a Rock Lee fan. While searching for a FAQ for the game, I found a couple of screenshots from it (or perhaps from another Naruto game).

Look at these in order!

What could Gai be pondering?
Oh, I see!

I really wanted to animate those two together, but then I decided to watch more eps instead. Sorry! Heh heh heh.

Man, wouldn't the two of those together make the best icon? Heh heh heh.

ETA: Wow, I like this new opening with all the characters as kids, and I love the ending with the chibis marching!
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Sleepy Ken

Fullmetal Alchemist #14

While I didn't think this would be possible, I've watched enough Naruto for one night. Since (as usual) TV has nothing on, I watched the new Fullmetal Alchemist ep. It's so easy to remember why this was my favorite before I stumbled upon Naruto!

I love love love the "religion kills people while claiming to be protecting" theme, as well as the "religion will suppress science whenever it can" message.

Mr. Scar-Faced Religious Guy, "I say that god doesn't like you, so you die now!"

How often do we (sadly) hear that in real life?

Of course there's the other side as well: The alchemists, especially the military ones, are hardly innocent and pure little lambs frolicking in the sun-warmed pasture. Again, very realistic.

Anyway, back to the ep: The new opening theme is much better (I hated the original one). I think I need to re-watch the early eps; I don't get what the sin-people are about. I take it they're not really human? If they really, really are the physical form of the sins themselves, well... hm. If that's the case, then I wonder what that says about that fellow who keeps killing for god.

Has anyone read the FMA manga? One translation group is calling the military alchemists 'Nazis' and the leader is the 'Fuhrer', and the other just calls them 'military' and 'commander'. And is the character the "Full Metal Alchemist", yet the show is "Fullmetal Alchemist"? Silly Japanese people, not writing their anime in English so we can know these things! ;)

Boy, my mind sure is wandering. I suppose it's not that I've really had enough anime for one night, I guess I'm too tired to focus on things. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight (I won't be able to sleep much worse...).
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