February 19th, 2004

Big Bad Wolf

I know what I'm *not* buying my family for Christmas...

A post with something for everyone!

* I know most of you (especially the non-anime folks on my flist) probably think I've gone all crazy over Japan, but that's not true! Though I love anime, I fully recognize that they're can be a wacky, crack-smoking folk when it comes to sex-related issues. Today's example of that?

Special glasses which allow you to see "spermatozoons"! That's right, ever want to see little sperms swimming around? Well now's your chance!

Please don't buy me one...

* And a link for isiscolo! Clyde, never being one to miss an opportunity to make a point in the most dramatic way possible, quite visibly demonstrated how pleasant smelling the squid actually was. Although he vowed that he would regret it later, I was able to convince Clyde to provide a representative sense of scale for the giant squid by climbing up on the table and letting me take a picture of man and beast...

* Links for everyone! The Pirate Image Archive. Arrr!
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Men hugging

"The Next Right Thing"

I'm all full of linky goodness today, aren't I? Well this one is a link to a wonderful, beautiful LJ post -- if I wasn't at work right now, I'd be crying over it! (I'm sniffling and trying to blink back tears.)


A person went to volunteer up in San Francisco to help process the same-sex marriages, then came back and posted things she heard and saw. *sniff* So much love! How can anyone be against love? It makes my heart hurt even thinking about people who are against same-sex marriages (like my whole family...).

It's a beautiful post, I recommend everyone read it and share the link.
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Dude! I want to play Greed Island! (A)

A VR RPG within an anime? *Homer drool* Holy cow, how cool! What a great seeming game, fully VR, and anime-based! Mmm.

But! But! But! I watched the first four eps of the second OVA... how are they going to conclude *anything* in only four more eps! They're going to leave us hanging, I know they are.

Nice to see that Kuroro is apparently not dead, though it's totally morbid to have Paku's grave in the Spider HQ (if that's where they were...). Highly cool twist to have the "Nen sticks around after death" thing. I liked it how Kurapica saw Paku's "ghost" (unless it was just a vision he saw because he was sick.)

I can't believe the series is finished and we're two OVAs in. It feels like the storyline is just starting.

Oh, and a TeniPuri comment: Apparently the LAST subbing group's work is okay. I really wanted to see 106, so I downloaded LAST's version of it, and it was fine. Well, the subbing was fine, I mean. Even though it's the gayest thing ever shown on TV, I'm getting bored with PoT. It's just so... shallow. Fluff. It very much annoys me that they're now pushing Kaidou and Momo together, too. *grump* I like them both, but I liked Kaidou with Inui. Grump.

Oh, and I wonder if the HxH OVAs are just eps because the series was canceled? Maybe it wasn't popular enough to keep showing on TV? (Though I totally wouldn't be able to understand that...) There seems so much story left to tell, I wonder why it isn't still a weekly series...

I need more HxH icons to use...
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Worried white cat

I scare me. Badly.

(Teenage fangirling, Mozilla, walking)

When I was a teen, my favorite movie was Karate Kid. I did the whole fangirl thing, which of course was a pretty different creature in pre-Internet days. I wrote snailmail here and there trying to get photos of and info about this guy I lusted over. I had it bad for him, totally drooling-Thistle. A few years ago I watched the movie again, and just stared at the guy. He looked like my father. Not just a little, exactly like him. GAH GAH GAH. Why did my mother never poke me and point that out or ask me about it? (I can only hope she didn't know about my obsession.) How did *I* not see it?

(For those not in the know, my father was... not a good person. Abusive and other stuff. I haven't seen him in 15+ years, my sister and mother a little longer than that.)

Wow... The actor's name is Martin Kove, but doing an image.google.com search on him brings up porn. Lots of porn. Penises everywhere. I wonder if there's a pornstar with his name or if he later (or earlier) did porn. *looks at some* Wow, it looks like him... That's just what I needed, images of him/my father naked, penis dangling. *TWITCH*

Gah, anyway. The song from the movie (Glory Of Love) is still THE most romantic song in my opinion. Every time I hear it I just totally melt. ("I am a man who will fight for your honor, I'll be the hero you're dreaming of ... I'm always strong when you're beside me, I have always needed you, I could never make it alone...) *sniff*


In other news, I'm attempting to switch from IE to Firebird Firefox (they just changed the name). While I'm having *tons* of issues with it, it might be more stable than IE... but probably not. (It crashes four out of the five times I try to open it.) It's kind of interesting, but the problem is that *nothing* supports Mozilla -- none of the usual toolbars or plugins I use. I'm really not sure if I'll stick with it or not (though I love the name Firefox -- so Naruto-ish!).

Lastly, I have a problem with my leg. Grr. I'm not sure if it's a muscle pull or what. It doesn't hurt like a muscle cramp, but it hurts a lot when I walk (same type of pain as when I've sprained my ankles in the past). If you put your foot flat on the floor, then lift your toes and that half of your foot off the floor (keeping your heel down), that's the muscle I hurt. It's in my lower leg, but it lifts your toes/front of foot up. This of course makes walking a pain.

I didn't walk today, but I'm supposed to go tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, I guess I'll see how it feels tomorrow morning...
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