February 20th, 2004

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SF, flowers, walking

A site with lots of photos of same sex marriages up in SF. Sweet!

juliansinger alerted me to this yesterday: You can send flowers to a random couple waiting to be married! How cool is that? I called and called yesterday, but I couldn't get through to the listed flower shop. (I didn't want to use FTD or some other major chain, since it seems like they'd be less trustworthy. "Send flowers? To someone you don't even know and won't ever talk to to confirm they got them? Suuuuuure, we'll send them! Heh heh heh.") But they have a website and an email address listed! We can (and I will) order online! Yay!

Last: Walking. It went much, much better today. I enjoyed it, and while my leg hurt a little it wasn't too bad at all. Felt great when I was done. I'm glad my not-enjoying it last week seems to have been a one-time only thing.

Edit: Yay! Flowers away! These (not because they're on sale, but because they're pretty!).
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Online RPing: Falling off the horse vs. dismounting and walking away

I haven't RPed in months. I don't have time for it, and for the most part I don't have the desire to do it. This is my choice; I wanted to spend my free time elsewhere. But sometimes, like when I read outstanding RP logs, I get a little twinge in my stomach. I miss RPing a little. (Not so much that I'd be willing to go back to it, but sometimes I ponder "what if".)

What if I didn't have to work, would I go back to RPing online? Probably so. Would I be nervous to re-start it all? Think my posing sucked ass? All that? Yep, but I believe I'd find some new game and get into it again, and probably come to enjoy myself.

But still, sometimes I worry a little that I fell off the horse and all this is just an excuse not to try to get back into it... But online RP can't really be maintained by just playing on the weekends...

Bah. The cause of all this pondering is nindou, a Naruto RP group. This will sound conceited as heck, but I never really liked to read RP logs from scenes I wasn't in. For the most part, they tended to be boring to me (as they usually had no connection to my character). Not always, but usually. The majority of RP wasn't really up to my standards, either (I know, conceited conceited conceited). So color me surprised when I found the most wonderful RP logs to read! It helps that nindou has Naruto as a theme, but a good theme would never be enough to overcome sucky RP and make me read it all afternoon. (And more RP snobbery: I never thought that really good RP could happen through LJ/IM/whatever, I figured it would be MUSH-based or at least MU*-based).

So if you're bored and like Naruto, head on over to nindou and read some logs! (Small note: Not every single posted scene may be to your taste, but if you're looking for one level of quality of RP over another, they're easily told apart.)
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Arrrggg-gimme-gimme-gimme! (A)

Must have HxH OVA 3 now. Anyone reading this now has that as their assignment! Go out and find it for me, subbed, and bring it back to me. Oh, and accomplish this sometime tonight, please.

(Not asking much, am I?)

I love the "game" (ha, nice twist there, smart!) even more now. I wish they really had made a CCG out of this, as I lust after those cards. I don't like... what's her name, Biscuit? (however you spell it) much, but that's a minor thing. The idea of keeping a guy captured just so they could fight him totally made me drool. Mmm.

How will I wait until the next one comes out! All you people are evil, this is all your fault!


Edit: Oh, and nice butt shot there! Not important to the scene, total fanservice, woo!
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