April 13th, 2004


Mutton, mutton, who has the mutton? (FFXI)

I didn't have time to post this last night. It was a very profitable night, XP-wise. I made about 2,000 XP (solo'ing), and I'm about 200 from level 12 (woo!). I did the math while I was walking this morning, and I figured out that I killed about 130-140 monsters last night! Rarrr!

(I didn't have time to resize the screenshots, sorry. I just uploaded them before work this morning.)

I decided that goblins are really sort of cute. Too bad all of them must die. But the best part of the night was when I started killing sheep! (The sky is as red as their blood! Ha!)

Get this: Not only did I kill sheep, but at one point a second one attacked me while I was fighting the first one! And then the first one put me to sleep! Of course both attacked me while I was asleep! But was it doom? Was it gloom? Nope! Those woolly fools couldn't touch me! Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss. When I woke up, I killed the both of them! Rarrrr! Mighty mage!

I encountered a new monster I had never seen before! Enchanted bones, a verson of the very same thing which killed me in the mines on Saturday night. Apparently I hit him in the crotch... though I suppose that's not a problem anymore when you're nothing but bones. It seems to have made him mad though!

My computer crashed overnight, and so I logged back on this morning in hopes that either the egg event was still going on or that all my eggs had sold before the crash. The event was over! YAY! And my eggs all sold! (Even though it was only for 200 each, I had five of them! Another 1K!) I'm very, very, very glad the event is over. I made about 15K on those silly eggs (I have almost 30K in cash now), but I had to stay logged in overnight and through the work day -- this means I generally couldn't check email before work and before bed, which was a pain. The money was good, but I'm very glad it's over now.

Speaking of money, I guess I'll go ahead and get the spells I had been skipping. (All the bar- ones: Barstonra, Barsleepra, etc.) They seem mostly worthless, but I guess down the road they might come in handy. (Hm, Barsleepra before sheep-fighting? Might be a plan!) Too bad the level 12 spell sucks (Barparalyzra), but 13 should be handy (Slow).

I have my macros planned out (figured out at work yesterday), but I didn't put them into place yet. I did set up one for fishing though, with a built in /wait and /echo to me. Handy! Hit level 5 in fishing, too (but broke my expensive rod! Bah! Using a cheaper one now, but will probably get the more expensive one again when it breaks.).

Slightly annoyed: Some little catgirl NCP wanted three sheepskins, she claimed she'd "make me something nice with them" if I got them for her. It was only last night that I could finally get enough of them, so I ran back and gave them to her. First she said she wanted to eat them (!!! Catgirl bitch! You keep that mouth of yours off my hard-won leather!), then she finally made me the item. Very nice gloves! ...which only fighting-types could wear. Bah! Sold them off.

It's a pain in the butt that the NPCs who want things are spread from one end of the city to the other. The flint guy is in south Sandy, the bat wing guy is in the industrial area of north Sandy, the rabbit hide guy is on the opposite end of south Sandy from the flint guy, and... hm. What's in the port? Maybe nothing, other than the magic shop? Plus, they each give only ~100 for 2-4 of the items they want. 100 gil! Hardly worth the effort!

I'm not sure what tonight's plan is going to be. XP up to the next level and through the de-leveling zone, but that shouldn't take too much time. I have the second Prince of Tennis musical that I'd like to watch... maybe I won't stay logged in to the game all night! (That'd be a first!) I'm going to need to find tougher things to fight, I suppose. Sheep are only giving me 21 XP each! Everything else (hares, goblins, worms) are tending to give me only 12 XP each. :( Oh! I forgot, last night I decided I wanted to go all the way south to the tomb again, and see if I could handle that on my own now. Might be good XP there, assuming twenty goblins don't all attack me at once.
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FFXI: Inside look at higher up foo

When I mentioned I liked reading posts about FFXI, a friend gave me a link to teffie's LJ. There aren't many posts in it (unfortunately), but most of the ones that are there are pretty interesting. This one especially. It makes sense that Japanese players would hold the most power on a server, but I never would have even guessed how such things played out before reading that.

While I feel mucho silly talking about getting my sub-job after reading about level 70 folks, I'll mention this now anyway. I'm 99.999% sure I'm going to go for BKM as my sub. It just makes sense. In a way I'd like other things, but... gotta go with the logical choice. Unfortunately this means I need to switch jobs and start leveling. From the beginning. Again. (I finally don't worry so much about dying, now I'm going back to level one! Heh.)

Oh well, need to wrap this up and finish work foo so I can leave at 5.
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Is it Friday yet? (Assorted stuff)

Very, very tired. Short-ish night on FFXI. Logged on an hour late (ate dinner, watched part of the PoT second musical). Logged off an hour early. I didn't do much in the time I was on: Leveled up to 12, and then got out of the deleveling zone. (If you die, you lose 10% of the HP you need to your next level. So if you level up, then die right away, you will level back down due to loss of XP.) I spent a while fishing (broke another expensive rod, GRRR), but didn't level that skill up. I must be about 5.6-ish now. Caught almost nothing (one single crayfish, ha ha! 15 gil!).

The only change I got with the new level was a new weapon (and it was a gift, too! :) ). Though it's hard to see, my pants are leather. As I run hither and yonder, I often wonder if it's wrong of me to admire my own character's ass. His boots look great from the back, too (but here from the side, not so much).

Babe sure is a good movie (I watched it while fishing). I must be quickly approaching PMS, because just the music made me nearly cry! *sniff* Silly me...

On the PoT musical: When not choking on my dinner over it, I liked it quite a bit. Not nearly so much as I did the first one, but still a lot. And boy, the actors sure must be good natured (and very confident in their manhoods)... Gaydars three counties over were going off as I watched that thing. It sure would be nice if Western entertainment industries would cater to fangirls as much as Japanese ones do. (Watched only the first half-hour of it. Might watch more tomorrow, but I have FMA 27 currently downloading, and I'll want to watch that, too.)

No American Idol tonight! Bah! Another thing messed up by stupid Bush! (Heehee.) *We* here on the west coast could have seen it fine, but the east coasters would have missed it. Oh well. Tomorrow.
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