May 7th, 2004


Very good fishing resource and general pondering (FFXI)

That page takes all the fishing info out there (including the chance of breaking your rod somewhere!) and makes it all accessible through a really handy interface.

No more glass fiber fishing rod for me while spending time outside of Windy! I'll be switching over to the composite rod. (I broke my rod and lost two lures last night. While the composite won't stop the line from breaking, a non-breaking rod will be very nice!)

I'm embarrassed to say I thought all the fish listed for an area would be in all waters in that area! Nope. That page breaks it down to the fresh and sea waters in each place. (Now I need to update the spreadsheet I made yesterday!)

That site lists prices as well, which is another really good thing.

General FFXI stuff:

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking. What's my goal in leveling up fishing? What's my goal in leveling up cooking? In leveling up jobs? For fishing "to catch better fish" is sort of... meaningless? I'm assuming higher level fish sell for more than lower, but can anything sell better than moat carp? And on cooking, one can wonder the same thing. I level up so I can make "better" things, but... better for what? Sells for more money? So what, I need to keep logged in 24/7 to sell the stuff in my bazaar? And just what am I going to do with all this money, anyway?

On leveling up jobs: (This will probably be of more interest to non-players than current players.)

At level 18 you can get a subjob. This means that even if you go back and start some other job (level one), people will see that you have a subjob and know you're not a newbie and have been around a while and accomplished stuff. It's sort of a status thing. (Yes, it's also very useful in-game as well, in battles and stuff.)

At level 20 you can do a quest that will get you a chocobo license. The ability to ride chocobos makes life much, much easier. (You can move much faster, and more importantly nothing can attack you while you're riding one.)

At 25, white mages can learn the spell "raise" (bring people back from the dead). Helping people is good, mmmkay?

Beyond that (well really, beyond 20/chocobo), what am I looking for? As in RL, it's helpful if you have goals to work towards in the game, and I'm just totally not sure of mine. 75 is the highest level anyone can reach, but even if that was a do-able goal, it's not really something I'm interested in trying for...

Am I having a midlife crisis just barely out of my free trial month? :)
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Today's special: Black Hole Salad!

I spent my lunchtime grocery shopping (*pant*pant* Faster! Faster! Need to get back to work!), and while I wasn't hungry, I'm trying not to skip meals so I got a pre-made salad. Lettuce, chicken (removed, ick), crunchy things, and... um, other green things, and carrots. Once I got back to work, though still not hungry, I ate part of it. (There's no way I could eat the whole thing. In my entire life, I've not seen a salad so large. The container was much larger than a dinnerplate and rather deep. There were no smaller sized ones.) Even though the dressing was rather yummy, the salad was pretty darned boring, so I tossed the rest out.

Though I hadn't been hungry before or while eating, I just finished moments ago and now I'm starving. I believe that by mistake I didn't pick a salad out of the deli case, I selected an anti-salad! Somehow by ingesting it, it created a black hole in my tummy and so now it's really empty and I'm left hungry. That's just not playing fair, is it?

I wish stores would offer much much smaller salads made of quality greens instead of crappy iceburg lettuce. Sure, this one had a couple of other greens on top, but below them was nothing but the usual poor quality stuff. I'm happy to report that I didn't pick the carrots out of the salad, I just ate them as they hopped onto my fork. (I don't like carrots and usually I avoid them.)

What did *you* have for lunch?

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