May 11th, 2004


What amazing people HP fans are!

Check this out: fan_the_vote! HP writers, betas, fans, etc offering their services in exchange for donations to John Kerry for President or! What a totally great idea, and an outstanding use of fan resources/skills! I've not donated to anything in a while, so I'm going to sponsor someone and rent their keyboard/brain! Eee, what a great idea! Spread the word!

(I had other stuff to post about, but I've totally forgotten it. This is so exciting! I'm off to check the community out further and select someone to "buy"!)

Edit: I've offered up email accounts on Catlove. Interested in a good cause and in an funky email address? Click here for my post!

Edit 2: I bid on a hand-knitted afghan! A cool item and a good cause. Hopefully I'll win it!
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Catboy Takuto love! (FMwS)

fan_the_vote: Plan B!

My bid for the knitted afghan on fan_the_vote was out-bid, and while I'll probably bid more (since it's a good cause), I'm looking for other things to bid on now. I'm somehow resisting the charms of a baker/chocolate maker very close to me (*drool*), but I'm way too tempted.

maeglinyed! Yo, maeglinyed! If you see this, you should put yourself up for rent/purchase! I know you're not American, but you don't want to see the whole world destroyed by us, right? :) I'm itching for more Maeglin Yedi & the Order of the Serpent, and I'd totally donate money in your name if it'd help! (Eh, I hope this isn't a "bad encouragement of writer" type of feedback! No pressure, no pressure!)


* I'm almost finished with Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. I heard really bad things about the movie, so I was surprised with how much I'm enjoying the book. (I can see how it'd make a sucky movie though. Some books just wouldn't make good movies, and this is one of them.)

* FMA: At least Soucon (spelled right?) is still going forward with fansubbing it! Darned licensing. (Hee.) They seem to do a good enough job with it, and based on the font I think I have some of their work on PMK, too. I'm not sure what I thought of this week's ep. I watched it over lunch while trying to eat too-hot food, and so I didn't pay as much attention to it as I should have. Too many Sins, I can't keep track of the new ones. I know Lust and Gluttony. Greed is the one with the fuzzy collar? Envy is the young-looking one with the really long hair all around him/her? Heck, there must be guides with pictures up, I should just find one.

* FFXI: Last night I was bored and lonely and ready to leave Windy and return to Sandy. I wasn't in the mood for fishing, and running around in that damned city is a pain in the ass. It's so pretty, but I think 'moving from point to point in Windy' is now above 'dying' on my list of things I hate in FFXI.

So since I needed money (not one darned item has sold in two days on either character's auctions!! Some have timed out already, and the rest will tonight), I decided to try this "farming" thing. I wasn't sure if farming means you *must* kill a group of things at once or if you can kill them one by one for the drops and still have it be called "farming". I attempted the first way first, but I don't have any good AOE spells (just the Dia one). I ran around poisoning things and got them to chase me, then Dia'ed the lot of them, then killed them one by one with my staff. The fun thing was the few people in the area kept watching me. The not fun thing was the lack of drops (maybe one small item for a group of eight things killed). I was entertaining myself though, and that's what counts. I considered using the poison-and-collect method on goblins, but I figured they might use their bombs on me and that wouldn't be good.

Since I want to stay in Windy for the fishing guild tradepoints thing, I made a plan for tonight. Or rather, a couple plans. I hit some FAQs and copied a bunch of quests I can do, some of which have good pay-offs. Also, I can level up thief (treasure hunter is only level 15! That's not too too bad, and with a subjob it will be easier!), as well as work on black mage (warp is only level 17? I want it!). Plus, one of the Windy quests rewards you with the blazing spikes spell (level 10), so getting one more level on BLM would allow me to use it.

While I was in the FAQs area, I checked out info on the other crafting areas. Funny, but none of them really appealed to me. I thought chocobo-digging might be interesting, but the items you can dig up didn't look very good (unless there were more besides what was listed there). Alchemy would be handy for fishing rod repair, but that's a whole lot of input for little output.

So I guess I'll stick around Windy for another couple days, then we'll see. I do miss Sandy though... it's funny how you can get homesick for a fake city. Oh, and there are no good fishing moons until early Sunday morning! Bah. I'm so sick of them happening overnight or during the work day! I know it's not the case, but sometimes I suspect the Japanese arranged it this way so their players always get the good moons.

Edit: My LJ got moved to this damned Indigo server, and NOTHING has worked right since then. I have to submit a post three times (with it acting like it really posted it!) before it shows up once! Damned LJ admin people. Why did you move me off a server that (FOR ONCE) actually worked most of the time?
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