May 27th, 2004

Catboy Takuto love! (FMwS)

Deep spam poetry

I'm loving the text that spammers put into email. This one could be a poem with some deep meaning!

world cry,
wind cover.



word four: dark

win proud
happiness comes her

I just added the punctuation and broke the two lines up into shorter ones. Ah, spammers! If you're going to invade my in-box, thank you for at least keeping me amused while you're doing it!

Edit: Heeheehee! That's perfect for isiscolo!
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Startled brown catgirl

Feline Nightmare Chaser Awayer

I'm a big wuss, and so I often get nightmares after seeing scary (or semi-scary) movies. Last night I had one, and in it those zombie things from 28 Days were chasing me. There were just me and two other people left, and we were supposed to be protecting a group of "new people" (adults who just popped into existence and so not infected with the zombie germs). Packs of the zombies were chasing us, so to save us I threw one of the new people back to them. That worked! Or at least it partially did. One of the pack stopped to eat that person, so I threw another and another and another of the innocent new people back to the monsters, all so that us three survivors could try to run away. (FFXI: We were actually trying to zone! Heh.)

So anyway, it was a much scarier dream than it sounds, but I never saw how it ended because my cat jumped up on top of me and kept meowing until I woke up. I wonder if it was something random (it wasn't time to get up), or if I smelled afraid or something?
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