September 9th, 2004



Work is insanely busy and horrible, so again I'm out of radio contact. (What's this, like three weeks now? *cry* I want work to go back to normal!)

I wanted to write up some FFXI stuff, but it'll have to wait until another day. I've taken up chocobo digging, and thus have discovered what bunk is out there in the guise of "guides"! Levels, tests, titles! Even basic things like delay times are totally wrong. Bah.

Sad to see that the red jars can't be sold/traded, as I dug up two last night. I want water/fishing energy in my house, so they're exactly the opposite of what I need. I hate to drop them though, since they're rare...

I bought all the chocobo/rider clothing, so I get +15 minutes to staying on the birdy. That's very handy.

More details at some future time.
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