September 13th, 2004


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As I've been saying for months now: Very cold! It's 61 outside, yet I have two AC vents blasting on me. Why why why why? *cuddles in coat, tries to keep hands and nose from getting frostbite*

I can keep up with 50 flist posts on a weekday, but coming in to 150 of them on a Monday is hard. Whine, whine, whine. You're all too interesting! Can't filter, can't skim, but can't keep up!

Work, as usual, sucks. I won't go into details, other than to say the crap from the last few weeks continues this week. Don't expect to see me around on IRC much or answering emails quickly.

Weekend was spent playing FFXI. I got both a lot and nothing done:

Saturday I got my Bastok fame up and did the quests for the two teleport scrolls I was missing. Returned them to Beanie. Now WHM is all set. I also firmed up my decision not to level the job anymore. Sure there are a couple teleports I'm still not high enough to do, but "meh". Who cares. I won't need to go to those places anyway.

I've also confirmed my decision to only do free teleports. Some people are nice and thankful and try to pay me anyway (which I still refuse), but some people are asses. One guy left the teleport party at the wrong stop, then demanded that I come back and get him and move him to the right place. But mostly it's cool, and I feel like I'm building up good karma.

Sunday I did three rounds of chocobo digging, and actually leveled in it! Boy oh boy, crafting so doesn't look like a waste of money next to chocobo digging! I pay about 10K to get a handful of pebbles and feathers (worthless crap). However, once I leveled it, I got a lot more crap than I had been before! So woo, while the stuff I get may be junk, at least I get a lot of it! :p

Fished a lot over the weekend, which would be boring as heck if not for LS chatting and TV. Very, very, very odd lack of light crystals going on. There were a total of 10 stacks for sale in all the cities at one point! A total of 10 stacks! Insane. I wish I had logged on and checked for some this morning because I'm totally out and can't fish without them, but I didn't. Bah.


I'm very behind in my anime watching. I watched an ep of Samurai Champloo this morning, but I'm still three or four eps behind. Have four PoT eps to watch, and I think two FMA, plus a couple Naruto. *sigh*
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