October 29th, 2004

Super Ninjas! (Naruto)

@name me=Keiji (Mostly RL stuff.)

If I were starting FFXI over, I might pick a different name for myself. Might. While I identify with Thistle a lot, it almost feels "old" to me: unexciting, boring, not "me" anymore. Today I got an email from Maruwa (a Japanese online food selling site), from a guy (girl?) named Keiji. Isn't that a beautiful name? Even some different form of it, like Kenji, is really nice. I like that -ji at the end. (And besides, a more Japanese name would help with my frequent "{I don't speak any English}" act.)

But wait! This post wasn't supposed to be about FFXI, I just got caught up with the name. This post is about... (drum roll) ... food! I know I've made this "discovery" before, but it never ceases to amaze me how much food influences my mood. Since it's Friday, we get free breakfast at work, thus I had a "good" breakfast instead of just oatmeal. (I had a bagel AND a muffin! But the muffin was bran, so I don't feel as bad about having both.) Being full (for once) has changed my whole outlook on the day from "Please kill me now" to "Woo, it's Friday! Just one more day to get through!". I wonder if that's where the "fat people are jolly" idea came from? Or is it just me? Does being full make everyone less grumpy?

At long, long last, I had some weight loss this week. A half pound last week and a pound and a half this week. While two pounds in two weeks isn't good, it's enough to keep me from jumping off a bridge. More than that, I'm hoping this signals the end of the "plateau" or whatever it was.

Exercising is going well, mostly. I (supposedly) walk Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and do weights on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The weights on Saturday almost never happens (I need the structure of a work schedule to get things done!), and too often I miss one of the walking days because of the weather or an aching muscle. With it being winter, I really need to take on something aerobic I can do inside. Maybe I should hit a video store and buy an exercise DVD...
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A surprise! For PokeMUSH folks!

Our work network was down for a while, which left me with little entertainment other than reading old files saved on my computer. I found lots of amusing old stuff! Including...

Commander Chia the Naughty and the CCG-guest of dooooooom!

[Guest] Guest2 says, "im ready to be interviewed! commander Chia"

I may have to post more of these old logs in the future. Heehee.

Edit: Hee! And there's a part 2! Hold down the Alt key and press F4 at the same time to use your pokeball. Lather, rinse, repeat. (Man, we could be evil at times! Heehee.)

Edit 2: *dies* I forgot how amusing these bad guests could be. Part three of the log.

[Guest] Guest2 says, "STOP IT IM DEAD DERIOUS"
[Guest] Guest2 says, "IM DEAD SERIUS"
[Guest] Guest2 says, "IM DEad serious"
[Guest] Guest2 says, "I AM DEAD SORRY"

Edit 3: *rolls* My god, we should re-open the MUSH just for the amusing idiot guests:

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