November 11th, 2004

Smile! (PoT/Momo)

If it's Thursday morning, I must be posting about Lost! (And screenshots for firebyrd)

I can't believe how much happens in every single ep! The hour goes by so fast! And what a great hour this was. :)

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How can it be a week until the next ep?!?! Arg!


Since firebyrd likes the summons in FF so much, when I opened the summoner job last night, I took some screenshots for her.

Me first summon, a radioactive floating squirrel! After getting the ruby to start the quest (thanks to my static and the others who helped!), I ran around and got all the weathers (thanks to Niala for the teleport into the land of the snow, and Nim for the teleport into the land of heat), and (way past my bedtime) finished up the quest to open the job!

Rainbow Pride. Whenever a new summoner is made, a rainbow forms in the sky. This was mine!

Even though it was already way past my bedtime, once I was all done with the quest I switched jobs and tried summoning him and killing something, but it didn't go terribly well (even though it was just a bunny right outside the Sandy exit). I hadn't realized that either summoning him or keeping him out eats your MP, so in the middle of the battle he vanished (and I stood there for a moment, being hit and wondering where the heck he went). So I had to fight, but had no weapon... I ended up letting myself be killed for the fast ride back to my mog house.

I may or may not play the job a little in the future, but as I'm not too interested in magely jobs right now, probably not. But I'm glad I opened it anyway! :) And I'm very thankful for the time and patience everyone had in getting the rubies we needed.
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