November 29th, 2004

Kyo Kitty Freaks Out (Fruits Basket)

Stupid babies need the most attention!

Grrr. I knew I'd be kicking myself on Monday morning. Because of the long weekend, I let my sleep schedule get messed up (going to bed later than I do on a work night, sleeping in late in the morning), and so now I'm dragging with just two or three nightmare-filled hours of sleep.

Among the featured nightmares: Goblins aggroing me in RL, chasing me as I looked for a non-existing zoneline! Being back in college and stuck in a building which was really a trap! And the "best" of them all: Being a man and having some woman trying to take advantage of me sexually! (What the heck is up with that one?!)

So it continues to be freezing here (44), and yet the air conditioner is (again) on at work. Why why why why why? I am freezing, and it is blowing on me. Sigh. Luckily I need caffeine anyway (which I try not to usually rely on), so I'm drinking tea non-stop. (And ha ha! Someone will be coming to look at it and try to get it to turn off or turned down or something. AC in winter. Sheesh.)

So that's about that. I read a bunch more Sly/Grayson logs over the rest of the weekend, mostly for lack of anything else to do. (It's almost surprising to see that the quality of our RP was less back then. Sometimes our poses were only two sentences long!) I still hold to my opinion that the gang logs were better: Not just had our RP improved, but (in my opinion) the storyline was better. They even read more like a book than logs, to me. Maybe because there were so many more characters (NPCs)?

It's been a week since I submitted my app to the new MUSH, and still no response. Le sigh. How is it that on PokeMUSH we got apps replied to within 24 hours, but other games don't? They were long apps, too. (Minimum was 10K, average was 20-50K, excessive people got up to 100-200K.) The worst part is that there's not even a "Hi we got your app and you'll be hearing from us!" type of auto-reply. Who knows if I've been forgotten or something! Sigh. I just want to try my hand at RPing again, is that asking too much? :p

Oh, now I've started grumping again. I blame the cold. Well, at least it's so cold that I'm typoing lots, so I guess I'll end this now. Stay warm, everyone!
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Smile! (PoT/Momo)

Yay RP! And Boo stupid TV! (And lots of other stuff!)

First off, I'm ready to throw my TV out the window. This Trading Spouses show is so so so awful. I suppose it's unsurprising that they take the very worst type of people to show on TV. Tonight's features a vegetarian who (gets this) 1) hit the dog, 2) forced the dog's nose into pee, and 3) ate meat. As if that wasn't bad enough, she showed one of those awful PETA videos to a room full of people who hunt and live on meat. (This is "reality TV", by the way. Real people, not characters.) It's just making me cringe, how awful she is. I'm actually embarrassed about this woman. Not everyone who doesn't eat meat is an insensitive ass who tries to force their beliefs onto everyone else! Sure I mention I don't eat it when asked (and sometimes here in this LJ when not asked), but I have never (and would never) try to change someone else! If asked, I would share my reasoning, but nothing more. Who in the world has the right to force what they believe onto other people! If you're an adult, you make your own decision about your life! Your diet, your religion (or lack thereof), your love, who you want to have sex with (if anyone or anything). Grrr!

Anyway. This was going to be a happy post! My MUSH character got approved today, so I got to RP tonight! Eee! TWO scenes, too! :) The first one was sort of "eh" (the other person's poses were 1-2 sentences long, so a little hard to reply to, but I needed to get my feet back under me, so me posing short wasn't too too bad). The second one was much better though! Poses were just a tad shorter than mine), but she was apparently a multi-tasking staffer alt, so it was understandable. (I don't know if she was a staffer on that MUSH or another one, though. It's so hard not knowing who the alts are! :) ) It was a fun scene, but I'm a little worried:

For those who know me, how long do you think I'll be able to play a nice, non-angsty, happy, lazy, laid-back guy? :) He's so mellow! Just sit backs and nods and smiles as the world passes him by. It's so unlike me! I mean, he's kind! He was nice and concerned over a stranger! Heehee. I'm hoping once he runs into the darker elements of the MUSH's theme that he'll evolve and shift a little. (Shift, ha ha.) I don't mean change the character totally, but he needs to lose some of his happy-go-lucky'ness. Oh, and it's funny (and cool!) how easy it is to RP a teenage boy though. :) I know it's not the case, exactly, but it feels like the only thing I ever RP!

While I tried hard to keep him from being any of the other character's I've played, I added few little "tributes" into him: His last name is MacKay, which is the last name of the only other long-term kinfolk I played, his hair is dyed to odd colors, so one day I'll be able to pose him as "blue-haired teen" (heehee, right Chia?), his first name I used twice on PokeMUSH (Jack the comms officer and the poor, dead cop), and there are a few other small things worked into him. Eee! :)

I'm still not feeling as secure about my RPing as I used to though. It's really, really bad: I feel like I'm making people wait too long, so I don't want to take the extra moment to reread it before hitting enter! That's so bad, I have to force myself to take it and read before sending it. That's important!


Neopet: I've been doing a lot of thinking about the site. (Since I mostly mocked it in the past but now I'm spending so much time on it, I sort of had to wonder why.) But I'm okay with how I use it: It's sort of an organized site to play flash games. See, I have a lot of downtime at work between calls, so I'm usually playing games and stuff anyway, but this just keeps me on one site instead of wandering around the net. Add into it the (annoying! :p ) element of needing to collect stuff, and they keep me stuck there.

Good Neopet stuff: I got my first trophy today! Yay! Surprisingly, it was in Cheat!. The other really good thing: I won the buried treasure game and got two items. Together they were worth 10K! That was mighy handy, as I needed the money. (I figured out the whole "store" thing over the weekend, so now I can sell stuff.) Books are so cool and I want to buy them all, but they're so expensive! I try to limit myself to one a day. Edit: I just played the same game after posting, and won 20K! See! See! My luck rating must be up! Yay! (Except one of the wheels keeps making my pet forget books he read. Three times in a row now! Grr!)

I need to find out about luck on Neopets. I'm donating stuff every day, but I'm not sure if the NP value of the item counts. (Is something that cost 1 NP worth as much luck as something that cost 500?)

One last neo-point: I'm really, really annoyed at how not-random the "random" games are. I spin the wheels a number of times in a day, and I keep getting the same prize. Not once, not twice, but 4-5 times a day for 2-3 days in a row, always lands on the same spot. They are so not really random. (I wonder if they're luck-based, and could be used to measure how much luck you have?)


My robot arrived today! Yay! He's charging up now, then I can try him out! Vroom, vroom, robot! You are at my command!

Also, my new scale arrived today, and it lists me as three pounds lighter than my old scale! I know that's not a real weight loss, but it still makes me happy. Heehee.

Yay everyone!
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Catboy Takuto love! (FMwS)

I, Robot

Yay! My robot arrived today! So as requested by a few people, here's the post about it!

It's called "Roomba", and it's a robot that runs around your house and vacuums everything on its own. And it's so cool!

I was worried at first that it would scare my cat, but she was just wary and curious. She's afraid of "mechanical noises" (like shavers and hair blowers and such), so I figured this would freak her out, but it didn't. She was ready to run, but mostly she just stood around and watched it. While it wasn't silent, it was a lot quieter than I had figured it would be. (Maybe a little quieter than a blow dryer on the lowest setting.)

Seen from above. It can handle changing surfaces (I have two different rugs and a bare floor in the area I let it run around in).

It's amazingly small, too! It has three different vacuums (along with an edge cleaner and a "deep dirt" cleaner), and it's just a little larger than a frisbee! (Maybe 1.5 frisbees in size?) (I thought it was spelled Frisby, but the LJ spellchecker suggests frisbee, so we'll go with that.)

It's so much fun to watch, plus it does a good job! The only "problem" I see with it is that I'm going to need to clean it more than the recommended times; my hair is so long that even after running for half the room, the brushes are all tangled up. (This happens on normal vacuums, so it's not surprising.)

It's so odd to pick it up! This will sound strange, but it feels like a lobster: It has a slightly loose "shell", and you can feel the insides moving within it.

I got it from Sharper Image.
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